Apr 22 2009

Ups and Downs

I want to thank you all for the sweet comments you left on my former post!
It’s good to read all your kind words!

This is just a short post to keep you all updated.

On Sunday Evening, Lisa should have the first surgery (her elbow) but she got breathing problems, went into a coma and was brought to the IC instead. 
Because of the time difference between Canada and the Netherlands, we learned this only yesterday morning. (My brother writes an update every evening when he comes home from visiting the hospital, but we read that only the morning after…) so yesterday our family had a bad and fearful day again.

This morning, the e-mail brought better news… (Well, what’s “better” in a situation like this?) She woke up out of her coma. She’d had the breathing problems because a lung folded up… and they discovered she had broken ribs as well. Anyway, she’s awake and today they’re gonna start surgery on her elbow. Let’s hope and pray everything goes well and stays that way.


My brother also sent this picture… OH MY…
this is her car after the accident.




Today, our family is full of hope and I got a bit more energy to DO something, so in the background I hear the printer spitting out some nice photo’s and I’m gonna play with patterned paper for a few hours! I’ll keep you informed…

Again, thanks for all your support! Je t’embrasse!

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