May 4 2009

Genius, or just weird?

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May 2 2009

hihihihi… hahahahaaaaa
(sharing the fun!)

First: let me ask you this:
are you a perfectionist?
Do you always over think your lay out at least a dozen times
before you start working on it?
Do you always “colour between the lines”?
You wouldn’t dare to “just do something” – ’cause you’re afraid 
it might turn out wrong? 

You said YES to all the above…?
Then let’s shake hands – you’re just like me!

But I found the perfect remedy.
A cheap therapy to loosen up – to shake perfectionism from your shoulders,
to just play and have fun…
(Thanks to Liesbeth, who mentioned this book on her blog,
published some hilarious photo’s and sure had a lot of fun with it too!)

I bought me and my friend Lena this book!

It was designed and written for perfectionists like us and it contains instructions that are hard to follow if you’re like that, but Lena & I managed to put ourselves over it and, once we got a hang of it, we had the time of our life.

We almost peed our pants last Wednesday!!!
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