Jun 30 2009

Lotus Paperie sneak peek
and an award again

Last weekend, I had lots of fun playing with my SISters on the forum!
A bunch of girls entered my “Dazzling Decades” challenge, and each of them made a lovely lay out interpreting my instructions in their own way –
I loved every single one and had a hard time picking a winner!
The only thing is… I didn’t scrap myself at all this weekend!

I did something though: I challenged myself by asking the girls to send me a photo, which I edited in several ways (if you wanna see the results, I put them in my  SIS gallery – just click on the “SIS” logo in the side menu and go to my portfolio)

But I can show you a tiny little something of what I did yesterday…

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Jun 26 2009

Rock ‘n’ Roll is an attitude,
not an age… (Challenge #130)

Wow, aren’t these the most handsome guys or not?  


(And can you believe my son has no girlfriend yet?
He’ll be 17 next Sunday and if I were a young girl,
I would dribble over such a lad!
But hey, the other one is mine and I hope to grow old with him
so that we can dribble together in the home for the elderly!) 


As soon as I
laid my eyes
upon this sketch;
challenge #130
over at Lotus
Paperie this week

I knew I wanted
to make the scrap
I had in mind
for a few weeks,
using a quote
from Dave Mason.

So I asked my men
to pose for me,
what they
willingly did!
Love you guys!!!

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Jun 25 2009


Hey you all!
SIStv celebrates a huge SISiversary in Franklin, Tennessee this weekend,
but of course not all the SISters were able to be there…
so we have something cooking and the SISters are very busy
planning an online party filled with fun and challenges!!

And guess who’s hosting a marvelous challenge over there on
Saturday 27th June?
Yep, you’re sooooo right, ME!!!

My challenge will be in the forum at 2:00 p.m. CENTRAL STANDARD TIME (that will be 9:00 p.m. for Dutchies like me…)

Hop on over to their forum, take a glance at a thread called
6/24 – New Virtual SIS schedule
and see for yourself how the schedule is filled with lovely challenges,
prizes to win too!

So, if you’re registered at SIStv – share the fun – and if you’re not….
’cause I would love to see you all playing overthere this weekend.

 Hope to see you at SIStv then!

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Jun 23 2009

Laundry & Art journal page

When I woke up this morning and looked outside, I saw a typical Dutch sky…
Blue sky, white clouds, the sun was shining and wind was blowing
so the first thing that came to mind was: LAUNDRY DAY!

When I closed my eyes,
I saw images like this

(Clothesline chic.
Photo: New York Times Magazine)

Sweet dreams…

This is more
what it looks like
over in my little

(Only I have
white sheets
hanging on the
drying frame
right now.)

Between washing and hanging laundry, I finished the Leonard Cohen
Art Journal page I started this weekend.

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Jun 21 2009

Father’s Day & Lisa update

 Today it’s Father’s day in the Netherlands and I made my dad this card.


the ways to say
“daddy, I love you”
aren’t way from
petered out yet.
Kisses from
your daughter.”







Back of the card,
you all know
this one…

“Je t’embrasse”
(I give you a hug)







He was very happy with it when he received it last week….

Yep, that’s right! I’d mistaken the date and send it one week early!
It was good for a laugh though, ’cause he called me and said he was honoured
that I loved him thát much to send a card already, and that he couldn’t wait
to see what next week (the correct date) would bring… heehee

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Jun 19 2009

Lotusday, memorabilia
& a blog award!


OK, it’s Friday and you know the drill…
There’s a new challenge up on the Lotus Paperie blog!

This time, you’re
asked to use 
“Negative Space”
on your lay out.
“Negative space”
can be interpreted
in different ways… 
but I won’t start
explaining it ’cause
I probably will
sound like a
again: just google
around, look at all
the examples and
let inspiration flow!


This is my take on the challenge.
Handwritten journaling says: “Face it. Don’t walk away from life”

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Jun 17 2009

Alice in Wonderland


Remember this sneak peek photo from my
“Alice in Wonderland” project?
Well, I finished my pages for the Circle Journal Swap!
This week I will be shippin’ it over to Bree in Canada – 
she collects all the pages from the participants,
bind all the pages together and will send each one of us
a complete Alice Journal back…
I’m very curious what the rest of us did!
I haven’t seen anything yet, so I’m the first one
who is going to show pictures.

(WARNING! If you are participating in this swap and
don’t want to see photo’s yet, don’t continue reading!) 

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