Jun 12 2009

Lotus challenge #128

Yeah for Friday!
Don’t you just love Fridays?
Almost weekend, and in my case also “Lotus Paperie day”.
So the new challenge is up – a sketch provided by Tania –
and you are very welcome to play along this week!

(And did I tell you this already? The talented Bethany Kartchner is this Month’s Guest Designer! Scraplift one of her lay outs and of course there’s prizes that go along with that too!)

The design team
did a lovely job,
each one of them made a beautiful
lay out inspired
by Tania’s sketch.

Head over to the
Lotus Paperie blog 
get inspired and
while you’re there,
leave the ladies
some love! 

(but don’t forget to come back here, ’cause I have some wonderful photo’s coming up!)

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Jun 11 2009


Don’t be frightened, there’s no fire around here, but this was the challenge
over at Scrapping out LOUD!

“Fired up! 
FIRE! – Your house is on fire, your family and pets have escaped and taken your scrapping stuff with them…..including albums and photos. What is the one thing you would grab to save from the fire? and why? “

Now isn’t that a question we all asked ourselves one time… like when you where a kid? I remember when I was in primary school, questions like this where common, it was like a game we played: “You move to a deserted island, what would you bring with you?” or (one of the heavy and meanest ones!)
“One has to die, who would you pick, your mum or your dad?”

I don’t remember what my answer to the first question was back then,
but I definitely wouldn’t answer the second one! I just couldn’t! (Still can’t!)

Anyway, I knew my answer
to the “Fire question” right away…

I also used Jessica’s sketch 
to scrap my “One item”
(well… in my case it’s about
50 items but they’re in one
plastic box – and although
that box is quite heavy to lift,
I would run for it to rescue
that treasure!)

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Jun 8 2009

Another Art Journal page

Before you all start screaming and shouting and mail me about how MARVELLOUS this is, I have to tell you: this is NOT one of my pages!

I was kinda stuck with the
journaling on my own Art
Journal page I was working
on this weekend, so I googled
around to find inspiration…
and this is what I stumbled
over. Got fascinated right away! It is made by
Nancy Baumiller, and when
I found her blog I was in
oooohhh and aaaaw for a long
time. She has a gallery filled
with wonderful art and there
is so much to see and read on
each of her Art Journal pages
that it will take weeks to
explore all that. Pay her a visit, and be amazed!!!

Nancy’s way of journaling inspired me to do something similar, and so I finished yet another page in my Leonard Cohen Art Journal.

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Jun 5 2009

Friday! Lotus challenge #127

From now on, Friday is “Lotus day”!!!
My term as a Design Team member starts today with challenge #127
– which is now up on the Lotus Paperie blog – and it’s a fun one:

The challenge this week is to use FELT!

I hope it inspires you to hop on over to Lotus Paperie
and play along with us this week! Here’s what I made…

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Jun 3 2009


Have you visited A to Z photo yet? It’s such fun!

I noticed ever since I read the A to Z photo blog, my way of looking
at things has changed and I find myself translating all kind of things
I bump into during the day…
(“does this start with an A-B-C etc. in English and is it worth photographing?”)

I think I will be taking these “A to Z photo’s” to use in a minialbum one day (alphabeth-something-album?) so you probably see me uploading the alphabeth in photo’s for the next weeks. Don’t know if I can keep up with that, but whenever I feel like (or see a photo that matches the letter of the week)
I will post the pic.

I haven’t found the “A” yet, but I have just the perfect photo with the B,
what else could it “B” than one of my passions…. BOOKS!

So here it goes, Andre!
I hope you attrack some more participants with your blog, ’cause it is fun!
I’m curious about your B-photo though…. (will it be Beer or Bridges?)

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Jun 1 2009

Alice sneak peek

One sunny holiday weekend in Holland, and I weed my garden (applause please!) got me a tan and did some scrapping! Not that I can show you that much… most of what I did must stay secret for a while longer, but I want to show you at least a tiny little bit. If only just to prove I didn’t lost my mojo…

I worked on the “Alice in Wonderland Circle Journal” today – and spend quite some time finding the right “form” for something. It was all in my head, but it didn’t work out the way I expected so I had to think of something else… I know, it sounds a bit mysterious but I don’t want to give away too much. Anyway, I can tell you it’s finished now; my pages are ready to send of to Bree! She will bind all the different pages from the participants together, and in time I will get a complete “Alice Journal” back in the mail. Can’t wait to see what the other ladies will create inspired by Alice!

Here’s a tiny little peek of what I made
(wanna see a bit more? Keep reading…)

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