Jul 20 2009


OK you blog visitors, readers, fans, critics… I’ve reached post #100
and I take this opportunity to let you know how fond I am of you all!
After all, without you I don’t know if I would have made it this far…

Some of you traveled with me through blog land right from the beginning,
some of you I met along the way and maybe some of you are here for the first time… welcome to you all!

Today it’s party time and everyone can profit from my give-a-way!
Yep, you read that right, I’m gonna reward one of you with a nice bag 
stuffed with vintage goodies.

Let me show you the stuff first before I ramble about what you have to do
to lay your hands on this…
(ahaaa – there’s the snake in the grass – you’ll have to DO something 😉 )

Like what you see? 
I promise you, you don’t have to do much to make a change to get this…
It’s super, simple easy!
I, on the other hand, will have to go to work.
Made you curious huh?
Let me tell you what I made up for you – and myself!

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Jul 17 2009

Focus (post #99!!!!)

Challenge #133 at Lotus Paperie this week:

Use a blurry/crappy photo

I remembered the
photo’s my son took
when he just got
his new camera.
He played with the
manual (shutter/
lens opening) to get
control over it, and
besides some
perfect focused
photo’s he made
some “out-of-focus-pics” like this one.

It’s a nice series of photo’s though, so I decided to do something with it.
I thougt of using one focused, and a few out of focus pics
and the title should be “Focus”.

This is how it works with me: I start with something – in this case the pictures and a title – and then I let it simmer for a while. See what comes in my head. And sometimes I bump onto something unexpected. Coincidental accidents.

This CD was
laying on the table
(Janis Joplin with
Big brother &
the Holding
My guy’s listened
to it the other
evening and it
wasn’t put back
on it’s place yet.

And there it was –
the idea of using
this as a sketch
and put the sharp
photo in the
middle… focus!

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Jul 14 2009

Less talk, more photo’s

I don’t have much to say today.
Summerholidays are easy going…

A little bit of housekeeping.
A little bit of creating and
a lot of TV – watching “le Tour de France”

So I’m gonna show you some creativeness from last week,
and after that, sink down on the couch again.

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Jul 10 2009

Hi there…


The moment
I saw the sketch
that Lotus Paperie
came up with
for this week’s
challenge #132,
I knew I was
gonna use it
to make a
mini book. 
It’s been too long
(since April)
that I made one! 

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Jul 8 2009

Sweet stuff!

Finally, I went creative this week and I played ALL FOR MYSELF!!!
No challenge stuff, no design team lay out, no pressure…
pure and simple having fun just for me!

I started another Leonard Cohen Art Journal page, but that’s not finished yet.
I messed around with gesso and paint and gel medium you see – and that takes
time to dry. So in between I surfed to Nancy’s blog to see what was there for
me (I tell later on in this post) 
Of course I read her post – she’s such a funny and talented artist & writer – 
and she wrote about starting this disintegration project
You really should click on that link (like I did!)
I fell in love with it right away!


I thought I would try it out for
myself! My gesso wasn’t dry
yet, I had time on my side
and so I gathered paper from
all over the house, pages from
an old fairy-tale book, white
paper, grey paper, magazine
pages… and I tied it up
with twine! I also added old,
rusty screws to the twine
and a teabag (thanks for the
tip, Nancy!) 




So here it is, hanging outside
on my pergola! The forecast
predicts thunderstorms and
rain (see that coming in the
background on the former photo)
and a pigeon, hangin’ round on
my pergola lately, might add 
some extra effect to it too?

Sun, rain, wind, heat…
just let the weather get to it!
I’m planning to photograph the
process – like every Wednesday –
and give it a Month to disintegrate.
I hope to end up with some lovely
pieces of papers – and maybe make a
little album about this process
using the photo’s and this paper.

After running around with paper and teabags my hands still tickled to create
more, MORE! Only the gel medium on the Art Journal page still wasn’t dry…
so I looked for the photo I’ve been wanting to scrap for ages and gave it a go… 

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Jul 6 2009


OK, OK, some of you know I was gonna bake an “Elvis pie” for my
son’s birthday and asked me to make a picture, so here it comes…

This is the book a
friend gave me as
a present years
ago… it’s filled
with lovely old
Elvis pictures and
“food Elvis loved”
(so it says…)
You have to be
careful flippin’
through the pages
thought, otherwise
the fat will drip
off  🙂 If this is
really the food Elvis eat all his life, than it’s no wonder he ended up that fat!

I never used this cookbook, but when my son’s 15th birthday came up,
two years ago, he asked me to make the “Elvis pie that is in front of that book”.
It took me a lot of time to figure out the recipe – all American measurements
and cooking jargon – but I managed to translate and bake this pie!
And it tasted so well that it ended up being our special birthday “Elvis pie”!

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Jul 3 2009

Come into my garden
Lotus challenge #131

This is gonna be a short post!
Just some photo’s… and a few words.
In Holland, we’re not used to hot temperatures –
most of the time our country is cold and windy.
And in Summertime pleasant, easy-going weather,
like 24º Celsius (75 Fahrenheit)
It is 30ºC right now! (86 degrees Fahrenheit)
That is – outside it is,
at my computer it must be more….
I’m melting!
The computer is melting!
I won’t visit blogs or talk on the boards ’till this heat is over…
The forecast says it should be over this weekend.
Or at least on Monday.
Keep your fingers crossed, or I will end up as a puddle.

Anyway, I have
a tiny little bit
of energy left
to show you
my take on the
Lotus Paperie
challenge #131
which is:
“hand cut the
pattern out of
pattern paper”



You won’t see that (much) on this photo though… this photo is a detail
of my self made flower. (Remember the sneak peek?)

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