Jul 6 2009


OK, OK, some of you know I was gonna bake an “Elvis pie” for my
son’s birthday and asked me to make a picture, so here it comes…

This is the book a
friend gave me as
a present years
ago… it’s filled
with lovely old
Elvis pictures and
“food Elvis loved”
(so it says…)
You have to be
careful flippin’
through the pages
thought, otherwise
the fat will drip
off  🙂 If this is
really the food Elvis eat all his life, than it’s no wonder he ended up that fat!

I never used this cookbook, but when my son’s 15th birthday came up,
two years ago, he asked me to make the “Elvis pie that is in front of that book”.
It took me a lot of time to figure out the recipe – all American measurements
and cooking jargon – but I managed to translate and bake this pie!
And it tasted so well that it ended up being our special birthday “Elvis pie”!

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