Jul 17 2009

Focus (post #99!!!!)

Challenge #133 at Lotus Paperie this week:

Use a blurry/crappy photo

I remembered the
photo’s my son took
when he just got
his new camera.
He played with the
manual (shutter/
lens opening) to get
control over it, and
besides some
perfect focused
photo’s he made
some “out-of-focus-pics” like this one.

It’s a nice series of photo’s though, so I decided to do something with it.
I thougt of using one focused, and a few out of focus pics
and the title should be “Focus”.

This is how it works with me: I start with something – in this case the pictures and a title – and then I let it simmer for a while. See what comes in my head. And sometimes I bump onto something unexpected. Coincidental accidents.

This CD was
laying on the table
(Janis Joplin with
Big brother &
the Holding
My guy’s listened
to it the other
evening and it
wasn’t put back
on it’s place yet.

And there it was –
the idea of using
this as a sketch
and put the sharp
photo in the
middle… focus!

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