Aug 31 2009

Book of Me – more pages

For those who didn’t know already, I worked on a “Book of Me”
throughout August. On the Cocoa Daisy forum there was a
daily “BOM challenge/theme” to make pages for your own book
and if you did them all, you ended up with 31 pages… 
I skipped some challenges along the way ’cause I didn’t like all the
themes, and now I’m almost done with my book.

Still two pages to make (maybe three, after today’s challenge is posted
and I like the theme) and I want to make one “last page” myself, but
since the rest is done I made the cover last weekend.

This had to be
I chose my
favorite materials
for the cover.
Paper from an
old encyclopedia
and spray ink in
my fave colours!
I hand wrote & cut
the title to use as
a mask. It simply
says “I”

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Aug 28 2009


I’m soooo happy with what I made last week!!!

I saw this tutorial a couple of weeks ago, and I new right away that I wanted
to work on that! My “Leonard Cohen Art Journal” still had no cover.
Well, that’s not true ’cause it HAD a cover – I tore down an old book and I
worked on the old pages, but that old fabric cover was still laying around
waiting for me to do something with it.
And now it screamed at me to be altered the way as shown in the tutorial!

Everything fell in place when I saw the Lotus Paperie challenge for this week:
“scrap anything that isn’t for an album (decor, altered things)”

And so I took
the old cover
out of the closet
and decided
that this was
to go work
on my
Leonard Cohen
Art Journal

Here’s how it
looked like
at first.

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Aug 26 2009

Back in the groove!

Slowly, but steadily, I’m coming back in the groove.
First I finished a page for my “BOM” (Book of Me)
On August 16 the prompt for a new page was about hidden talents.

When I thought about it, I smiled.
Yes, I do have a “hidden talent” and with this page I throw it out in the open…

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Aug 24 2009

At the beach (continued)

Helloooooo…. I’m back home!

I spend three lovely days in Zeeland with my son visiting my parents. 
I relaxed, enjoyed the landscape, the beach and the festivity that was
going on in the little village I was born.
I could tell you all about it, but I thought it would be more fun
to SHOW you – so prepare for a huge amount of photo’s….!!!

Blue skies in Zeeland...

Three days – and the sky looked like this all the time – hmmmmmm!

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Aug 21 2009

At the beach

I hope Lotus posted their challenge on time… otherwise I’m too early.
I can’t check because I prepared this post earlier and it will be posted
“automatically”… Yep, I’m not here right now!
I’m visiting my parents today, and maybe that’s why I scrapped these
beach photo’s, ’cause changes are that I’m right on that beach when you
read this!!! Wooohweee!

But first, let me show you the sketch for this week’s challenge.

I loved working
on this one!

I’m more the
“one pic type”
so it is good
for me to be
forced to scrap
more photo’s
on one layout
Just to step
outside the box
(my box)

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Aug 17 2009

Pet peeves??? RELAX!

Strange title?
Well, those where the BOM-prompts on August 14th and 15th!

I skipped two prompts for my “ME-book”

This was the prompt on August 12:
“If you had an imaginary friend who would it be??
You can pick a person who is well-known — from TV/Films…
is/was a politician or any historical character…”

You’re NOT gonna see a page about an “imaginary friend”
(I don’t have one, I never had & never will and I don’t want to think
about “celebrities or historical persons being friends with me” –
I’m perfectly happy with the friends I have in my life, thank you! 

The prompt on August 13:
“Get out a pen because you are writing a letter to yourself.
Your letter can be to who you are today, who you want to be tomorrow,
or who you were in the past. Your letter can be public or private.
Funny or poignant. Real or made up. Just write it down.”

I could do this. It’s totally up my alley, BUT
it is too personal.
I don’t want to do this in my BOM….

So, what DID I do???
Well, the next prompts were fun again, so let me show you:

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Aug 14 2009

Born to be wild…

I bet you all have been thinking “where’s that lay out she would made
for her post #100 – the one Angèle challenged her to do…?”
Remember that?

“I choose picture one. I think the photo was taken in early spring.
I see little yellow flowers. Or are they winter violets?
I choose this yellow to be the main colour for your scrap!”

Angèle is the only one who knew this: I had it finished more then a week ago!
I had fun working on it and – although it wasn’t my intention to
combine things – I used a technique that Lotus Paperie would come up with
for today’s challenge #137 – use watercolour paint/pencils.

So I e-mailed Angèle to tell her I finished the lay out, but that she could not
see it yet ’cause I would publish it not earlier then today… but that it would
be published on two blogs then – mine and Lotus Paperie!
And today is that day! So here it comes…

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