Sep 30 2009

And as the seasons
come and go…

The past few days, it was all about Harlee Quinnz Degins!
We worked so hard, the Design Team made a lot of layouts with those
fantastic paperlines (as did I, but more about that in a minute)  and my
beloved and I helped their web mistress to put the shop and blog online.

The website itself will be updated too, but the shop is now online so
you can get those wonderful papers and stamps yourself… also, the
Harlee Quinnz Design Team blog is all set to go… some layouts are already
uploaded in the galleries and the posting will start soon.
Make sure you take a look, and come back for more every week! 

In between, I found time to create this little harmonica album…
(There will be a tutorial about how to make this on the
Harlee Quinnz Designs blog in the next couple of weeks,
I’ll keep you posted on that…)

It’s made with
Harlee Quinnz 
paper & stamps and
I wrapped one of
their fibers around
it to keep it closed.
The colours go
soooo well
with the paper,
don’t you think? 

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Sep 27 2009

The weirdest week!
(and the longest post!)

Sunday Morning, and I experienced the weirdest week…

But before I start telling (and showing) you, I want to give a little
“geographic lesson” ’cause many of you who saw my last layout
thought/asked if I live on an island…
I wrote about that figuratively – no, I don’t live on a real island.
I once did though, so let me show you where all that waves and
beaches in my head come from…

For all you Americans and
Asians (and Africans???)
this is a map of Europe.

I live in the Netherlands.








 This is a map of the Netherlands (or Holland, if you like)

As you can see
I spend my childhood 
right at the beach.
That province is called
“Zeeland” and it
exist of many islands
connected with each
other by dikes, dams
and bridges – so I lived
on a peninsula.
I don’t live there anymore
(my parents & best friend
still do though) but I love
that place and that’s why
waves roll through my
head, still!
I’m a “Zeeuw”…

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Sep 25 2009

Message in a bottle

So you were all waiting for the other half of my layout?
Good! Love that.
There’s nothing wrong with a little patience…

This week’s challenge over at Lotus Paperie is to use a piece of notepaper.
Feel it coming…?

(Vivian thought so – see her comment on Friday 18th – good thinking Viv!
And when Denise mentioned that she thought the first half of the layout was
“peaceful yet lonely” without even reading the message on todays other half,
I knew I’d succeeded in bringing the exact feeling onto the layout!)

So take a look, here it is… the other half (and the complete spread)

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Sep 23 2009

Three evil sisters
in my secret life…

Yep, that’s a weird title… I know!
But there’s nothing strange about it, when you know
the reason behind it…
Those are the two titles of my latest layouts!
I just thought it would be fun to combine.

OK, let’s start with evil sisters.
Do you have one? Or two? Or maybe even three?
I don’t have sisters at all!
I have one brother, he lives in Canada and is a sweetie…!
So what’s with the evil sissies then?

I agreed with Danielle to each make (and trade) an ATC with
a Halloween theme, and since we don’t celebrate Halloween
over in the Netherlands, I thought of bending the theme a bit –
so I went with “witches”.
I came across a free stock photo with three ladies on it (sisters, maybe?)
and I decided to make a series of three – transforming the ladies into witches.
And so I gave birth to these “three evil sisters”

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Sep 20 2009

Busy bee

As promised, I will tell you what I was so busy with last week…
I cleaned our barn!!!
Well, barn is not the right word, I guess you call it “shed”.

Anyway, it’s a small building at the back of our yard where we store our
bicycles, keep garden stuff and put “rubbish” in that we don’t want to throw
away, but don’t want to have fling around the house either…
And why did I do this all of a sudden?
Well, it all has to do with my scrapping supplies!

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Sep 18 2009


Sorry I haven’t blogged in almost a week but I was busy, busy, busy….
(With what??? I’ll write a post about that soon – with photo’s.)

But I did get some scrapping done and as of today, I’m back in business!

And because
it’s Friday,
I start with
the new
Lotus Paperie

Vanessa made
this sketch
for you all
to work with…

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Sep 13 2009

One of you gave the #1000 comment…!

It happened…
it happened Saturday in the late afternoon.
I knew the next one would be it, ’cause this is the screen I see…


As you can see on this picture (click on it to enlarge) here I have
1,148 comments BUT 148 spammed (you know the ones with all
the Russian rubbish?!) and one still waiting for moderation…

…and that one would be number #1000!!!!!

I was just as curious as you are,
so I clicked one more time to see who it would be…


Congratulations PETRA COOLEN!!!

Please mail me your address, and this original book will be on it’s way!

Have a nice Sunday you all,
Je t’embrasse!

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