Oct 30 2009

The count off has begun!

I feel like a rocket since a day or two…. it’s really going to happen!
I claimed my domain name yesterday, my beloved will put up the
basic community site (as soon as the log-in info comes in) and I
will start designing the whole thing, getting to know it and work
with it and learn all the “ins and outs” that go with such a site….
OH MY – it’s gonna be such an exiting adventure I’m diving into!

Since I put my little survey on line, lots of people filled it out!
I thought some would, but I had like 30 reactions in the first two hours…
now THAT’S a boost! Thank you all for filling it out.
You sure know how to make a girl smile!!!
The answers you all gave really help me with my thinking about which
way I want my workshops to go…

On to the regular now… ’cause Lotus Paperie came up with a new challenge.

Here’s the sketch
you have to work
with for this
week’s challenge.

I find it a very
inspirational and
challenging sketch
this time ’cause I
don’t use much
circles on my layouts.

Take a look
at my take…
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Oct 27 2009

I need your opinion!

A few weeks ago I mentioned on my blog that I would love to give
workshops. After I wrote that, I got so much lovely, enthusiastic and
encouraging reactions that I decided to suit the action to the word
and go for it!

Now of course there are multiple ways to set up such a thing.
Because we have our own company in web-building and web design
– and my beloved is a computer expert – I have the possibility to
set it up on a professional base with, for example, a community site 
where students can participate in workshops in private groups, chat 
with each other and upload their work.
But teaching workshops “in real live” would be possible too…

Now if you know me, you will not be surprise to know that I handle 
things seriously. Before I start things up, I like to do a little analysis
and I set up a little survey. This way I hope to learn more of the opinion
of others… of YOU!!! what do you expect to find at a workshop?  
Your answers will hopefully give me a better idea of the wishes and
desires from “future students”

So what would YOU like to learn from a workshop?
Please, fill in my little survey.

For the Dutch version – click here

For the English version – click here

EDITED 11/16 
The online survey is due. Thank you all so much for your participation!

And now that this survey is online, I have my hands free to go
scrapping again!! YEAH! Although I had a lot of fun creating and
designing this survey, I’m glad to spend some time with real paper
and glue again tomorrow. So I hope I will be able to show you some 
layouts in the next post.
See you then!

Je t’embrasse!

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Oct 23 2009

Me and ribbons?

When I saw the new Lotus Paperie challenge # 147
I thought “OH, NO….”
“Use your ribbon scraps” it says…

Me and ribbons?
Not a good combination!
But hey, I’m a DT-member and I “keep my pecker up”
(that’s what my dictionary says to use in a situation like this –
I hope that’s right ’cause when I looked up “pecker” I got
other images in mind reading this line…)

OK, on to it.
Me and ribbons.
I pulled the ribbon box out of the closet
(it was way in the back!)
I cut pieces of ribbon.
Lots of them.
When I have to use it, I might as well overdo it!

And look what I ended up with…

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Oct 21 2009

I grew (a little bit)

Yep, I’m careful in my statements, but I can tell you that I definitely grew.
Not in length – I’m still approximately 5.5 feet – but my self confidence
about my art has got a major boost this week!

It started with a “Lotus layout” last Monday (it will be on the Lotus Paperie
blog this Friday) and to be honest, I disliked the challenge.
It was totally NOT my thing… and no-one could have been more surprised
then myself when I saw the result. I made a gorgeous layout, if I may say so.
I put it on our side table and looked at it all evening. I was so happy!

I had plans (already printed the photo) to make a layout for the new
challenge over at “Scrapping the Music” and I told my beloved that
I was afraid to start working on it, ’cause I expected it wouldn’t be
any good… I thought I could never make another beautiful layout 
right the day after the Lotus one. I presume that’s what musicians feel
after making a hit-album – the pressure to do it again becomes too
big – the next album almost always is disappointing.

So yesterday morning I surfed around on the Internet a bit, postponing the
creating moment, and came across this post on Bethany’s blog
It opened my eyes! She wrote exactly what I am feeling and over thinking
these last weeks, I had/have to make some choices according my work and art
and she just put my thoughts into words.
It gave me such a boost!
The pressure to “achieve” vanished.
I went downstairs and started this layout.

And guess what?
It’s gorgeous too!
I can do it.
I can get rid of the pressure, have fun creating, stretch myself and make
another beautiful layout. Right the next day!

So I grew.
Just a tiny little bit maybe, but such an important bit!
I can honestly say to myself now: “Stick to yourself. Do it your own way
and then the layout will reflect you and you’re OK”

And now you wanna see the layout?
Here it comes…

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Oct 16 2009


OK, that was probably a bit light-headed (and with a hoarse voice,
followed by a huge coughing fit) but I’m soooo glad the virus I had
is decreasing. I have more energy every day!
I even dared to plan a trip to the scrapbook store in Heesch 
this Sunday to spend my birthday money.

On to business
’cause it’s
Friday and the
new Lotus Paperie
challenge #146
is up.
As you may
have noticed, 
the challenges
variate from 
random challenges
to sketches
every other week.

This week Vanessa
provided us with 
this sketch.

I don’t often scrap with a lot of photo’s, I’m not the “floral type” and
my head was fuzzy, but once I got the idea for the layout and started
working on it, I had a fun time!

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Oct 15 2009

Feeling a bit better today…

…and so I took care of some overdue maintenance.


(credits: Cathe Holden)

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Oct 13 2009

Bad and nasty…

Yep. That’s what it is.
A bad and nasty virus…

It came to visit me over a week ago.
It looked kinda friendly at first.
Just a little cold. Some couching.
A few easy going days, and it would disappear again.
So it seemed…

It’s still here.
It’s bad and nasty and mean.
I’m sick of it and I can’t get rid of it.
The house is a mess.
I don’t have energy to clean, or do the grocery-shopping, or cook.
I don’t have energy to visit your blogs.

Some days
are better –
just to
fool me.
On one of
those days
I started an
Art Journal page.
It’s not finished
yet, but here’s
a peek…
Just so you
won’t forget me.
I’m still here.
I hope to be back
soon. Full force!

have a healthy week you all!

Je t’embrasse.

OH, and here’s to my little bro…



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