Nov 11 2009


“Tuesday morning, and I’m about to write the first post on my blog… pffff…”

With this sentence, I started this big adventure – my own blog – one year ago…
I was excited and enthusiastic but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine 
how much fun, inspiration and friends this blog would bring me…

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Nov 8 2009


Aaah, I had some playtime this weekend and I made layouts for several
challenges! It was fun to do that again – it’s been a while.

So here we go…

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Nov 6 2009


Because my drivers license almost expired, I had to go to the
local government office to replace my old one for a new…
I postponed the trip a few times but with only one week of validity left,
I couldn’t ignore it anymore – so yesterday I hopped on my bike to get

Eeeekkk, that “official photo” was the reason to postpone the whole thing
in the first place – and not just for any reason…
I don’t know how it is in other countries, but in the Netherlands the photo
on your passport or drivers licence has to comply with certain rules.

So with fear in my heart I cycled to the “official photographer”
(my son offered to take my picture and I’m sure I would have loved
his photo. But no way – it has to be “official”)

And yes, as if the angels were laughing with me, it started to rain
on my way over there…

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Nov 4 2009

Art journal page & Award

As you may know (or maybe not, ’cause I wrote about it in my last post
and if you haven’t read that, you don’t know… OH MY, that’s a verge joke…
OK, now you know the mood I’m in!)

Anyway, I was in Zeeland last weekend and we went to Middelburg
– the “big” city and capital of Zeeland – on Saturday morning.
Now you should know, I left my parents house when I was almost nineteen
and lived in Middelburg for 2 years before I moved to another province
(to study – but I still live there). Middelburg contains a lot of memories –
it was a very important and hectic time in my life – and I decided to make
an art journal page about it.
So here it is…

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Nov 2 2009

You found me!

You found my blog on the new address!!!
It looks very professional to have my own “maritscrapworld” domain,
don’t you think? I’m a lucky girl to have a lover who put it all together for me!
(Thanks a lot dear – also, on forehand, thanks for all the technical community-
site-web-stuff that you installed and will have to explain to me in the near
future and all the support you are giving… I love you!)

Next, I do want to apologize neglecting all of you in the past week…
I did had my reasons, you know that, but now that things are settling down
I promise I will catch up with all your blogs in the coming week.

There’s another reason I wasn’t around much…
I spend two days with my parents in Zeeland!
It’s a two hour drive, and to you who think Holland is a beautiful country:
let me show you something else for a change…


This is a photo
I took on the way
to Zeeland.
All the way from
my place to
my parents,
I see this….

Two hours,
this panorama =

(but being there
is worth the drive!) 

On to an image less boring now (I hope)

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