Dec 24 2009

I rather trust my feet

Hi there blog friends!!!
I have something to say to you…
Call me sentimental (oh well, it’s nearly Christmas and all) but I want
to tell you how much I love you all! You made me so happy with your
sweet words and positive reactions on my new website and workshop!

Also a lot of you are so sweet to follow my “top 2000 project” and even play
along! (I’ve got two layouts from Michelle already… she blew me off my chair –
so be prepared for some eye candy in the next days!)

And here’s a layout for you! Not a music one (that starts tomorrow…)
but something I made last weekend. Some other posts got in the way
so I didn’t show it yet. It is for t.a.a.f.o.m.f.t. and the challenge was
“what is your favorite car?”

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Dec 22 2009

Let the fun begin…!


As of 2011 – I am blogging on this address:

For the 2011 edition of the top 2000 – hop on over!


As you know, in the “Top 2000 week” (December 25 – 31) I will make/publish
one layout every day, refering to a song from the Top 2000 that will be
broad casted on the radio that day! It can be a 12×12, an art journal page,
an ATC or whatever I feel like making.

Everybody is invited to play along with me!

Just e-mail me a photo of your work (in your mail, please name song title and
date/number in the top 2000 list) and I will publish it on my blog on the day
that song is playing, with your name and a link to your blog (if you like)

This is not only for Dutchies! If you want to play along, you’re very welcome!

As of now, the top 2000 list of this year is online!
You will find the logo in my blogmenu (to the right) during the top 2000 week,
when you click on it you will be linked to the online list.

For you English speaking participants, the site is in Dutch and looks like this:

(click on the picture to enlarge)

I highlighted what you need to know (in green) for non Dutch speakers.
The time indicated is Dutch time, and I will follow that.
I will post the layouts every day around 12 (midnight) for the next 24 hours.
If you email a layout later, and it is for that same day, I will add it to the post.

If you have any trouble or questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail!
I hope many of you will play along and send me something!

I altered this book
to play with.
I was planning to
make a “Music Art
Journal” anyway,
and this was just
the time to start one!!!

And now I’m gonna look at the list and find me the firts song to make a layout with!

Have fun everyone!!!!!!

Je t’embrasse!

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Dec 21 2009

Do I have news for you…!!!

Today is the day….



(see me making a happy dance???)

Those of you who follow my blog, know I was working on my website
and preparing my first workshop…
After I put my survey online (October) and got the results back,
I analysed the answers and I learned an awful lot about what you expect 
from a workshop; the good things, the bad things and the “traps”.

I also received a lot of positive and cheering mails and comments,
thank you so much for that!!! It really helped me through the bad days.
Days of “what was I thinking” and “nobody wants me”….
On those days, I looked at your mails, surfed to your blogs and 
got energy from YOU to go on realizing my dream.

Thanks also to Marius (my love), Nout (my son) and my parents
(thanks pa!) for all the support (technical and otherwise…!)
I couldn’t have done this without you!!!


(drumroll please…)

visit my website:           MARIT’S SCRAPWORLD

(and let me know what you think!)

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Dec 20 2009


…at last!

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Dec 18 2009

Freewheelin’ Friday (#3)

Another Friday already, MAN – time flies!
I do love my freewheelin’ Fridays, but during the week I’m not that much
freewheelin’ – I’m working my hands blue (and red, and orange and purple:
paint and spray ink!) preparing my upcoming workshop! 
Somewhere in the next week the registration will be online (still working
on some loose ends according to the “rules” and “payments”) and I’m
scared and exited at the same time… a new year and a new adventure…
but I’m ready for it!

And here’s another intention for the next year 🙂
Teehee… I wear mostly black! But maybe it’s time for red pants…
Jeanet? Wanna join? 😉

This is also the title of my latest layout I made using two challenges…
From “Scrapping out LOUD!” and from “Scrapbooking Supplies R Us” 

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Dec 14 2009

It’s beginning…


 …to look a lot like Christmas!


But first of all… THIS!!!! 


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Dec 11 2009

Freewheelin’ Friday (#2)

Gooooooooddddd moooooornniiiiiinnnnnnnnngggg!
(Ha! Just wanted to do that once!)

Friday… weekend’s just around the corner and the holiday season’s begun.
Well, here in my street it is. Our neighbours across the street sprayed
(fake) snow on their windows – all kinds of Christmas bells and stars.
They draped little lights all around the window, and outside in their small
garden they put lights in the even smaller bushes.
Compared to you, Americans, this is nothing but for Dutch standards,
it’s quite exuberant.

As you maybe know, I don’t decorate much with Christmas.
Maybe a few extra candles (I happen to have them in the house all year!
I love candles!) So hooray for the neighbours!
If I start to long for Christmas lights, I just look out my windows.
And if I’m sick of it, I close the shutters. Easy peasy!

Where was I going by telling you this… ? Oh, yes, the holidays.
I started talking about it ’cause the challenge at “These Are A Few
Of My Favorite Things
” was to scrap about your favourite holiday.
I (DON’T) have one…

There are a few
days in the year,
related to holidays,
on which I feel
like the girl
in this image.
(uuhm, yes, it’s
MY face in there –
sort of anyway)
and those days
are about to start!

(read further, ’cause there’s an announcement at the end of this post!)

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