Jan 31 2010

Do you want to know a secret?

Then you should hop on over to Seth’s..

Today’s secret on Seth’s blog … Open House!
Everyone can leave a comment today, and share their “secrets”.

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Jan 29 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#7)


The days fly by and this week is already gone!
I’ve been a little absent last week. On my blog that is…
Not on my community though! This week, my “students” got access to
my workshop community and there is a lot of activity overthere 
(although the first lesson won’t be uploaded ’till Monday)
I was present on an introduction video which I made last week and it took
me quite some time to make it. OH MY was I nervous! I HATE hearing my
own voice… I had to shoot 80 “takes” before I thought it was “kinda” right,
but at least I did it, and the ladies in the group seem to appreciate it!
(Hi girls! Thanks for the nice words!)

Anyway, on to the freewheelin’ random stuff today…

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Jan 24 2010

Getting more & more excited!

Only one week to go before 
my online workshop “Let it Loose” 
starts, and I’m getting more excited each day!
There’s room for you too, so if you want to go
on a creative journey with me (and the other
lovely ladies already in the group) grab your
chance and registrate now!

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Jan 22 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#6)

Hi there ladies, it’s Friday again!
The sun is shining, birds are twinklin’ and I woke up with SPRING on my mind!
But it isn’t here yet – and another cold period is predicted so I won’t get my
expectations too high…

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Jan 19 2010


Most scrappers are their own worst critics… I know I am!
But to each other we are oh-so nice and gentle.
Usually, scrappers focus on the good things in other people’s work,
and leave compliments to give someone that extra boost to go on.
I like that! I really do! But this time, feel free to criticize my layout.
What’s more: I ask you to!!!

I know there’s something “wrong” with my last layout.
I even know WHY that is… but don’t see the “wrong” part that clearly…

So take a good look at this layout, and CRITICIZE IT! 
Tell me what’s wrong with it!
(maybe that’s even nice to do for a change!)

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Jan 15 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#5)

When I woke up last Wednesday morning – it was still early –  I decided
to give myself a “day off.” Oooh, it felt so good!
I did the grocery shopping early in the morning, and I even let a man
with his one gallon of milk precede at the pay desk when he asked me to…
well, “asked” is not the right word ’cause he was deaf and spoke with that
strange voice deaf people do… he didn’t even speak really – he just tapped
me on the shoulder, pointed at his milk and roared “Me, now?”
I usually dislike people who use their handicap to get things done from others
but I was in such a good mood…

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Jan 12 2010

Longing for days…

…like this!

I’ve seen enough snow… thank you.
It was very nice – we don’t have snow often anymore in the Netherlands – but
I’ve seen it by now. I felt it, I walked through it and I photographed it.
I did everything I wanted to do, so can it please melt now?

I also miss my creating time… No, I have nothing new to show you.
I work my ass off writing the lessons down for the workshop – the community
is tested and ready to go (just some slight hitches left, my beloved is working
on that) and it will all be up and running in time. Yeah!

But still… I’m longing for some sunshine and walking bare feet again!
How are you?

Je t’embrasse!

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