Jan 8 2010

Freewheelin’ Friday (#4)

Last two Fridays it was all about the top 2000 and New Year
(can you believe that was only one week ago?) but as of today
I’m picking up the “Freewheelin’ Fridays” again.

So here’s to random chitchat and some inspiration…

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Jan 6 2010

Reflections on past and future
(and a sneak!)

Last week, a lot of resolutions and “words of the year” popped up
on a lot of blogs, and that got me wondering…
Should I make resolutions?
Should I pick a word of the year?
Will it help me focus?

You sure got me thinking and reflecting girls!

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Jan 3 2010

(count down and…)

The count down to this new year was FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
It took me a few days to recover from the “top 2000 musical week” we experienced on my blog – but now I’m back in bussiness and ready to roll…

So here we go!!!

The challenge over at t.a.a.f.o.m.f.t. (by the way, I won the December
challenge with this layout – YEAH!!!) is:

“find your favourite layout/project that you made last year”

I went through my galleries and BOY, this is the hardest challenge EVA!
I made an awful lot – layouts, art journal pages, projects – and I managed to narrow my faves down to a few, but then I got stuck.

While searchin through my galleries, I got curious what others would choose and I asked my loved ones to take a look and tell me what their favourites are… and that was kinda surprising!
(They all named 3 layouts, but I will show you only one fave of each…
otherwise it would be too much!)

Take a look at the choices of my loved ones… 

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Jan 1 2010


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