Jun 29 2010

And what a party it was!

Did you visit my mad tea party? (See former post if you missed it!)

HOLY COW… the list of participants was almost endless, and I still
haven’t visited all the tea parties and blogs…
I try to work my way down the list, but it will probably take a week
to visit everyone and read their posts – and you will understand
I can’t sip tea all day – there are other things that keep me busy too.

Real busy.

Like, “two-people -in-da-house-working-hard-on-it” busy.
“New-website-new-look-new-name-new-logo-two languages” busy!
It won’t take long now before I can show you – another week maybe?


Anyway, on to some creativity…

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Jun 26 2010

Hey, hello there!

(for the ones who know me already)


(for the ones who never been here before)


I presume you are here for the mad tea party?
Hi, I’m Marit, glad to meet you.






Take a good look, I’m in the back of the garden behind the flowers.
Don’t you see me?


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Jun 23 2010

Just my weekly
art journal page

Lost my Mojo.
Don’t feel happy.

But I’ll show you my art journal page from last week.

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Jun 21 2010

You are invited!!!

It is the first day of summer and to make the party complete,
I got an invitation to a party… and to make it even more fun



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Jun 18 2010

Fragments of a Self
(Freewheelin’ Friday #27)

What did I write in the last post???
“Expect to see more artwork coming from now on…”

Not yet, my friends, not much anyway.

Yes, I had more time last week and yes I made good use of it but photo’s
of a clean toilet, a neat bathroom, fresh sheets on the beds and ironed
clothes in the cabinet aren’t very interesting to you I guess…
I can tell my men found it VERY MUCH interesting! 😀

But you know me… I  couldn’t let the week pass by completely without
being creative so don’t worry, I have something to show you.


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Jun 15 2010

Like a filmstar…

Last week, I finished all the urgent pursuits and now I have more

This week started in a very special way.
I will show you!
Sit down, have a coffee and let me lead you to a special evening…


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Jun 11 2010

Breathtaking art
(Freewheelin’ Friday #26)

Today, I want to take you on a trip…
A trip that starts on top of the dunes nearby my hometown.

When you walk on the path that leads over the dunes, you can look down at
the beach. And the sea. And the wooden wave breakers.
As a child, I played on this beach and the wave breakers are also very typical
for this part of the Netherlands (Zeeland)

The above image is a photo.
You saw that, didn’t you?


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