Jul 12 2010

Loose ends…

With the little album I made for Nout, the guest designer-ship over at STM,
the heat and the thunderstorms that forced me to shut down the computer
(I won’t, I WON’T mention the disappointment of the Netherlands loosing
the World Cup Final…) I still had some pages laying around that I didn’t
show you yet.

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Jul 9 2010

Tiny dancer
(Freewheelin’ Friday #29)

When Michelle send me the titles of the songs I had to work with as a
guest designer this month at Scrapping the Music I looked at the title
but no bells were ringing…

Title of the movie where this song was from: “Almost Famous”…???
Still no bells…
So I clicked on the link to watch the youtube film and … Aaaaah…
how did I NOT remember the name of that movie… I LOVED that movie!!!
And then I listened to the song.
Are you kidding me? Elton John?
I “have something” with Elton… how awesome that this is the first song
to work with as a guest designer! I sure made a happy dance!
(Yes folks, I don’t do it  much but I can dance!)


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Jul 6 2010

My PAPER world
and book for Nout

I promised you a big announcement and a lot of photo’s this week…

Here it comes.


It is in 2 languages now – English and Dutch – and I RENAMED IT TO:

Marit’s Paper World

My work goes beyond scrapbooking lately, and I think “Paper world”
includes all the art that I make now.
The address and e-mail remain the same though.

And for you who have my blinkie on their blog: did you see it change?

On my website, you can also register to receive my newsletter.
Whenever there is a new workshop coming up or other news to share
I will send a newsletter to the ones who register for it, so you stay up to date
(You can always cancel it if you don’t want to receive the newsletter anymore.)

Thanks to Marius for making everything possible!!!

There’s a new workshop in the make, the logo is on the website already.
It starts on October 22.
Keep an eye on the website (or register for the newsletter) ’cause more news
about it will follow soon.


Another announcement:


The introduction is on the STM blog today!
Thanks Michelle, for asking me!
I LOVE to work with all you girls this month!


Yesterday, Nout turned 18 and I gave him the mini I made for him.
He was thrilled, and it brought tears to his eyes.
He (and I) want to thank everyone who send advice, layouts, cards, nice quotes
and sweet words. I used everything!

I know you all are curious to see the end result, so here it is.


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Jul 2 2010

Hot and groovy!
(Freewheelin’ Friday #28)

Apologies for being absent on your (and my) blog last week…
you know it’s HOT in the Netherlands (98 degrees today!) and upstairs,
where the computer is, temperature rises even higher!
Not only I can’t stand it – my computer can’t handle it either (he’s almost
ready to retire) so most of the day I let him rest and cool off….

But this  morning he will have to work a bit ’cause I will give you a little
update on last week before I let him sleep again… He better work with me!

Hi! Good morning friends! How are you all! Not melted yet?

Since my son was away all week, I could work on “you know what…”
and here’s a little sneak for you


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