Did we scare you?

I’m glad you all liked our special “sneak peek trailer” for the upcoming
workshop! However, I did notice that some questions arose about the
“Mixed Emotions” workshop.

Yep, this workshop is about exploring emotions, but


After all, an art journal workshops should be fun, and ours will be!
We don’t expect you to poor out your heart and soul on the pages,
we don’t expect
you to share your deepest feelings with us.
If you want to do that, that’s OK ofcourse, but we are prepared to
the fact that you want to keep your deepest feelings and emotions
to yourself.

There’s no need to be scared that you will be forced to open up.
Each lesson comes with questions and quotes that will help you
to explore the highlighted emotion in all directions. You can go
as private – or not – as you wish. The techniques that come with
each lesson will be fun to use in every way.

Now that’s cleared up I hope!
If there are any questions left, shoot me en email and I’ll be
happy to answer them!

On to some creativeness then…



My weekly art journal!
Week 40
(Remember you can click on the image to enlarge for a better view)

See that image of a Japanese warrior?
I got a small, vintage book with Japanese images from my mom a while ago.
My stuff keeps piling up and I totally forgot about this book. I re-discovered
it last week – while searching for something else – aahh, you scrapbookers
sure know that feeling! The round chipboard thingies (what are they called?)
were send by Amy (months ago! But still, thank you Amy!) and I found
the “weird monster” on the Internet. I think it was supposed to look like
a werewolf but I find it quite cute actually!


Last week, Karen surprised me with this award! I’m honoured!
From one readaholic to another, so to speak – although I recently
read a lot less than I would like to…

Accepting the award means there are a set of rules I have to abide by:

  1. To thank the person who nominated me
  2. Say 7 things about myself
  3. Pass the award on to any blog, I think are worthy.

OK, I have obeyed to similar rules in the past so lets see if I can
come up with another 7 things you didn’t know about me already:

  1. My picture was in the newspaper and in a Dutch magazine once
  2. I like to watch crime series (Criminal intent, Criminal Minds,
    Law and Order, CSI – all of them, Bones, Numbers and – not a
    crime series but still I’m hooked – House)
  3. My fave food for lunch is whole-wheat bread with cheese –
    especially if the bread comes from a good bakery.
  4. My eyelids begin to sag and I hate it!
  5. I was a thumb-sucker and a nail-biter when I was little.
  6. I carry a tiny foldable ashtray in my bag. My brother gave it
    to me years ago and it still comes in handy on occasions.
  7. I collect postcards that show portraits of famous writers.

And now, it’s time to pass the award on!
The blogs which I think deserve this award are:

Chris (“Creative Mischief”) – for being a fellow book lover and
blogging about all kinds of arts and crafts. She’s a versatile lady!

Seth (“The Altered Page”) – does Seth need introduction?
He never fails to inspire the artistic blogworld with his posts!

Monica (“Bohemian Shadows”) – Art, photography, lifestyle –
this girl knows how to captivate me!


And to you all I want to say: thanks for being on the Internet.
Thanks for visiting me. Thanks for being my online friends!
I wish you all a happy and creative week!

Je t’embrasse.

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20 Responses to “Did we scare you?”

  • Monica Says:

    aww, shucks, thank you for thinking of me.

    i LOVE the Japanese warrior image, and it works beautifully with the rest of the page.

  • Hanneke Says:

    Love to read some more about you!!!! And Love that page again (the Japanese warrior is very cool)!!

  • Petra Coolen Says:

    Je art-journal is wederom prachtig!

    You like to watch crime series? You totally surprise me with that…
    My eyelids begin to sag too and I hate it too 🙁
    Maybe someday an eyelid correction….

  • Danielle Says:

    I’m not scared!! I can’t wait! Your recent page is fabulous!!

  • Astrid Says:

    Hi Marit over je vraag over de crackle paint ik heb die van Ranger gebruikt, dat is all in one. Best leuk spul vind ik en makkelijk 😉
    groetjes Astrid

  • Danielle Says:

    BY THE WAY!! The stamping on my wall will be up tomorrow!!! And later this week, I mention you and link to your blog, about an ATC I thought you would love! and might want to trade!!

  • Annemarie Says:

    Great page. I think the round thingies are bottle caps.

  • Annemarie Says:

    PS We watch the same shows.

  • Julie Says:

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that page Marit..and loving the facts about you! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow! Gave weekly art! Mooi die image van de japanse vechter!Je bent wel erg druk hoor!Maar wel heel erg leuk al dat “geklieder” 😉
    Het schiet nu op naar de workshop.
    Erg leuk om meer dingen over je te weten, mijn oogleden zakken ook ;)…bleh!
    Ach, hoort er allemaal bij toch 😉

  • Seth Says:

    Congrats to you on receiving this award and thank you so very much for passing it on to me and my blog! It is greatly appreciated. And a spectacular journal spread in this post too!!

  • Viv Says:

    ha Marit, bedankt voor je uitleg over MOD!
    En voor de supply list, ik krijg alweer kriebels als ik deze doorlees 🙂 Kan niet wachten om te beginnen!
    Zeker nu jullie zelf zo enthousiast zijn, erg leuk!

    Groetjes viv

  • yyam Says:

    Haha…I’m obsessed with the crime series too…a few more than you…;) The problem with watching too many of these is that nothing seems to shock me these days….I don’t even lose my appetite when I see gruesome remains on-screen…morbid huh?

    Love your fun journal page…especially that “werewolf”…too cute! 🙂

  • Maja Says:

    Mooie artjournal pagina weer. Jij kunt dat als geen ander! Leuk om wat meer over je te weten. We hebben het een en ander gemeen. Ik kijk ook graag crime series en verzamel oude kaarten van golden retrievers.

  • Bree Says:

    Just wanted to say congrats on your new workshop.
    You still inspire me…


  • Theresa Says:

    Hi there. i really like the colors on your art journal page this week, and that weird monster. =) very cool. i enjoyed reading a bit more about you. i LOVE CSI: las vegas the most, miss Grissom. and Bones and House too. Sadly, i’m not sure Bones is going to last much longer.

  • Bethany Says:

    It is nice to meet another thumb sucker and nail biter! I’ve cured myself of the thumb sucking, but still do that darn nail biting!

  • Natalie Says:

    Nee hoor, niet bang… Heb er juist veel zin in! Weer een super mooie art journal page!
    Liefs, Natalie

  • Jenneke Says:

    Bedankt voor je uitleg over de workshop!! 😉
    Wat leuk om al die ‘random facts’ over je te lezen. Moest vooral erg lachen om je hangende oogleden, lol. Heb ik ook last van en als ik de andere commentaartjes zo lees, zijn we niet de enigen..


  • Peggy Says:

    Wat een prachtige weekly journal page weeral. Ik was zo volle moed begonnen, en dan werd ik ziek, ging mijn pc stuk en had ik plots geen zin meer in scrappen … mijn zin is nog niet volledig terug, raar hoor, maar het begint te komen 🙂
    Crime series… ik ben er ook helemaal verslaafd aan!! Wij hebben hier op dinsdag avond een “crime night”, van een uur of 9 tot middernacht … heerlijk!! Ik ben ook helemaal weg van jullie KRO detectives … zowat de enige keer dat ik naar de Nederlandse posten kijk hihi. Wat een verschil met vroeger … toen hadden wij nog geen interessante zenders en was mijn favoriete zender “Veronica”. Weeral een hele lange tijd geleden…
    Ik ga eens even naar die workshop van jou kijken, ik ben erover aan het denken om me weer in te schrijven, die vorige van jou is me super bevallen!
    Liefs xxx Peggy