The glow of christmas

This morning I spend quite some time surfing on the Internet and I had a lot
of fun reading other blogs and getting inspired by all the amazing layouts, techniques and pictures I saw! I even found other challengeblogs that looked nice to me, but I don’t think I’m going to play along with all that challenges. 
A girl’s gotta have time left for her own projects too, you know!

Anyway, I DO play along in most ScrapMojo challenges and this was their challenge #27:

“You need to use a fav Christmas/Holiday quote. It can be from a song, movie, book or maybe someone you love said it. The second part of the challenge is to use something sparkly.”

Now you must know I’m not much into Christmas. I don’t have a christmas tree. I hardly decorate the house with christmas stuff (only a little bit, I’ll take some pictures to post later) I DO light lots of candles though – but I have candles burning all throughout the year so that doesn’t count much.)

Maybe it’s because of my “non-decorating” that I liked this challenge so much!
Instead of turning my house into a christmas commercial I took the change to (christmas)decorate on paper! And boy, did I had fun!!!
I enjoyed using stereotype christmascolours and images. (I’m even thinking of making a little “christmas/holidaybook” after this ’cause I’m not rid of this “christmas spirit” that got into me yet.) I always thought that I was more the “graphic” kind of scrapper so I even amazed myself by using sparkling stuff and red velvet paper! Never thought I would manage making such a lovely layout with this kind of material!

Are you curious by now? OK, here’s the layout I made!

And yeah, that’s me in the picture…
a long time ago. 
I had to use this one ’cause it’s the only “christmasy” photo I could find in the whole house!
But it’s a very
sweet one, don’t you think?
The quote I found on the Internet (I forgot where it came from or who said it) and it touched me somehow because in spite of all the commercial things happening around me these days, I still feel that “glow” too. My personal goal was to make a layout that would show how I think christmas should be – the overall feeling I mean – and I think I managed in doing just that!

And here are some details: 

To get that “winter-sparkle-feeling” I used this old lace.
My mum found this piece of cloth for me somewhere on a flee market. Maybe it was part of a wedding dress (or voile) 
One can fantasyze about it a lot but it certainly fits this layout
– and the silver thread sure sparkles! 





As background I used christmas scrappaper from “basic grey” (you still can see a little bit of the Santa image in the big picture) and red velvet relief paper from “making memories” (it took
courage to tear 
that!) I framed the photo using embroidering thread.

I kept this characters in
store for ages
– and always wondered why I bought it in the
first place –
(as you might know by now I’m not the blingbling type!) but now I’m glad
I had these.
The type was shiny perfect for this layout! 

I went through my stamps
to find one that would give
the background a little more “body”. This stamp does not show a real “christmas” image, but it works alright!







Hope you all like this layout. Thanks for visiting.
Feel free to nose around on my blog and leave comments.
I love to hear from you!

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