Happy colours

When I looked at the weekly pages in a row in my gallery the other day,
I noticed that the last few weeks I used a lot of cremes and browns on the
pages. I find it a bit odd, ’cause seeing them next to each other, they look like
depressing pages and I wasn’t down at all in that time (OK, maybe that one
week, but not the other days.) Where are the bright, happy colours?

I know where they are!
In my painting box!
In my scrap box!

I only had to pull them out…



…which I did!

Week 45

See, I’m a happy gal!

Happy: ’cause both Michelle & me Γ‘nd the students are having such a
blast with the workshop “Mixed Emotions”. It’s like one big party
on the workshop community and I’m in Oooh and Aaahh over the
work that the students come up with!

Happy: ’cause it’s almost November 21, and I will meet some of
my blogfriends in Heesch! (You’re invited too! See the end of this post)

Happy: ’cause the scrapbook store called that the spray ink I ordered
(“butterscotch”) arrived and I really miss that colour since I used the
last drop from my bottle.

Happy: ’cause the ladies that will be in the Dutch “Let it Loose” class
are so enthusiastic – and class hasn’t even begun!

Happy: ’cause it stopped raining.


Remember: there’s always a little something to be happy about!
Have a happy week!

Je t’embrasse!

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21 Responses to “Happy colours”

  • Hanneke Says:

    What a happy post!! Love the artpage, love the maan roos vis cards, I believe I have the same ones lying around somewhere!!! Hope you’ll have a great week!!

  • Stephanie Says:

    Beautiful layout! I love the colors and design!!

  • Chris Aiton Says:

    Your post today is so uplifting! I find myself using certain colors at certain times of the year – I think it might have to do with the angle of the sun and how the sunlight/shadow/leaves changing/everything in Nature gives you a different perspective and sense of color. I know your classes must be so inspiring – I always enjoy seeing your pages and also those of your students on their blogs. Have a happy and creative week!

  • dani Says:

    There is SO much to be happy about! I’m discovering that these days after being in a fog for awhile!

    Gorgeous pages, so bright and pretty!!


  • ArlaMo Says:

    I love the journaling on your page! And so fun to read about all your “happys!”

  • Viv Says:

    Yay, I love happy colors! Ziet er weer goed uit Marit!!!

    Ben ook blij dat de regen is opgehouden, eindelijk πŸ™‚

    De nieuwe les van vandaag ziet er goed uit, heb zin om eraan te beginnen.

    Liefs Viv

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    I am happy when I come to “visit” you sista!
    It IS raining here … but it’s OK … makes everything fresh and juicy LOL
    I always think of upbeat colorful uplifting things when I think of you!

  • druga szesnascie Says:

    I discovered lately that I really need to try leaving my “comfort zone” of reds & browns.
    I’m tempted to play with pink. is this happy enough? πŸ™‚
    thanks for the inspiration.

  • Jeanet Says:

    Ja, ik snap inderdaad we dat je blij wordt van het stoppen met regenen πŸ˜‰
    Er is veel te veel gevallen!
    Mooie art journal weer! Erg vrolijk!Mooi je journaling en die maan,roos,vis kaartjes zijn super! En ja, er is altijd wel iets o vrolijk over te zijn!

  • yyam Says:

    Oh yes! There are many things in life to be happy about…all the little things add up! πŸ™‚

    I love your colorful page! So many wonderful details! Glad you are having so much fun with your class! Nothing like a community of friends who share the same passion! πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful rest-of-the-week! πŸ™‚

  • Michelle Rydell Says:

    What a beautiful, joyful journal page!!!!! I just love all the bright colors! I agree – we are having SO MUCH FUN in the Mixed Emotions class!!!! I’m just thrilled!!!

  • julie Says:

    I love love love this Marit!! LOVING the BRIGHT colors! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • Annemarie Says:

    Your pages always make me happy. currently I am happy because my husband is home, we had a good birthday dinner for him and my mother even attended.

    Have a great week.

  • Petra Coolen Says:

    Ge.wel.di.ge pagina Marit!
    Superrr die journaling, de kleuren en die grappige kaartjes!

    Ik hoop maar dat ik zondag vervoer heb… de auto staat namelijk al enkele dagen bij de monteur…

  • Jenneke Says:

    YEAHHH!!! Happy colors, je weet dat ik daar van hou!! En je pagina is echt helemaal super!!

    Verheug me ook op zondag!!


  • Natalie Says:

    Ooo, deze is idd heeeel vrolijk! En die kaartjes zijn zo leuk! Wat een regen was het… zeer troosteloos ook. Nogmaals veel plezier aanstaande zondag,
    Liefs, Natalie

  • merryheart/sandra Says:

    it is SUCH a happy page. the colors and the papers you used or bright and cheery!!
    i am happy that i’m taking your class. i am having such a fun time. you and Michelle are awesome teachers. i’m learning so much!!

  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    I love both styles of your work, darker colors and brighter! That’s the beauty of art we can mix it up so we never get bored!! haha I haven’t done a gel transfer in a while and will have to do that again soon. They are alot trickier than the packing tape and sometimes I can be lazy. haha!

  • jess Says:

    what a fun pg…i love it! so glad all is going so well for you!

  • Maja Says:

    Van afwisseling wordt je ook “happy” toch? deze kleurige of de donkere kleuren, ik vind je artjournals altijd geweldig om naar te kijken. Veel plezier zondag!!! Gaat mij denk ik niet lukken. Andere keer…….