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It’s the end of November, and it’s starting to itch….

Some of you immediately know what this means (hi there, collaborators!)

Some of you have no idea…

…well, you may want to read further then, especially if you
are a music lover! You don’t want to miss this!!



I don’t care much for holidays. Easter, my birthday, Sinterklaas…
I don’t pay much attention to it and I don’t “celebrate”.
I don’t really celebrate Christmas either, but I always look forward
to this: the Top 2000 on the radio!
Our radio stays tuned to ‘radio 2’ and plays from (early) in the morning
’till (late) at night! We always take the (long) list out of the paper.
Every song title and time of broadcasting is on it, and that list lays
on the dining table all week. Lots of  songs on the list are from my
youth – music of the sixties and seventies. One week a year it’s all
about sentiment, ending with the apotheosis: top 2000 music clips
on television on New Years eve… and a glass of bubbles at midnight!

(this is part of the journaling from a layout I made a year ago)


Last year, I decided to stretch my music celebration week a bit and
share it with my blogreaders. It turned out to be one, big celebration
on my blog with lots of friends from all over the world that played along.
And this year…


You foreign visitors, don’t stop reading ’cause YOU CAN PLAY ALONG TOO!

From Christmas to New Year,  the Radio 2 team presents the 2000 favorite
songs of the listeners. 24 hours a day! You can listen to this 156-hour musical
marathon on the website or tune in on Radio 2. The broadcasting starts on
Saturday, December 25 at 12.o0 a.m and will go on ’till Friday, December 31
midnight – when the #1 will play on the radio. 24 hours, day and night: MUSIC!


In the “Top 2000 week” (December 26 – 31) I will make/publish one
layout every day, referring to a song from the Top 2000 that will be
broad casted on the radio that day! It can be a 12×12, an art journal page,
an ATC or whatever I feel like making.

And everybody is invited to play along with me!

The list with songs, times and dates will be published in the papers and
on the Internet on December 21. (I will put up the link on my blog)

Scrap that music and join the fun!

As soon as the list is published, you choose a song (or more) from the list
and make a layout, ATC, art journal page, painting – whatever – based on
that song. E-mail me a photo of your work (in your email, please name song
title, date and number in the top 2000 list) I will publish your work on my
blog with your name and a link to your blog (if you like) on the day the song
is playing on the radio/Internet.

You can play once, twice, every day… make only one layout or, like me,
scrap along and make a layout every day. It’s all up to you.

Again, this is not only for Dutchies!
If you want to play along, you’re very welcome!

If you dive into my archives (at the bottom of my side menu) from
December 2009, you can see how it looked like last year and see how
much fun we had in that last week of the year!

I hope we will have as much fun this year, and that YOU will join the party!
So don’t forget to put the date on your calendar… this can’t be too hard
to remember: we start on Christmas day!

I’m looking forward to this “event” and hope you will play along!

Je t’embrasse!

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