Getting ready…

I’m getting ready for the top 2000… but before we take off this Saturday
I thought I’d show you some things I made.
(As you know, next week will have an everyday post that is filled with
top 2000 music-related layouts, no regular blogging.
I already received some marvelous artwork in my mailbox from all over
the world – I was flabbergasted! Be sure to check in every day during the
top 2000 week!)

Oh, and to make the top 2000 blog party more fun, I throw in a prize!
Yep, you heard me. I show you at the end of this post…



But first: my weekly art journal page.

Week 50

I found the image in an old ‘National Geographic’ and since I was sick, I thought it was a protection suit – you know, as the doctors wore in the movie ‘Outbreak’? It wasn’t that though – it’s a suit to protect you against lava and heat at volcanoes. Oh well, I thought it looked nice on my pink page!


More pink!
Yep, I was in a pink mood!
I made a journal to use for my weekly pages next year.
I saw Michelle calling her personal journals “chronicles” and I like that
title a lot more then “weekly art journal” so I named my journal this way.
I bound it with the same technique as I used for my top 2000 album.


Here’s a view from the side.
The tape/ribbon actually is dark brown strips of leather.
It shows black on the photo though…


Here’s more detail, so you can see the binding.
Can you tell I’m already in love with my new journal? 😉


Another binding technique I learned in the workshop: using cords.
I made a small album from left over paper.
It’s a fun little book, but I don’t like this binding as much as the former.


Again, a detail of the binding.
(I see now, that I should have put paint on the sides of the grey board cover… )


Those are my books…

… but this next one can be yours!!!


I give away this fun shaped book to one of the participants who play along
in the top 2000 blog party! It doesn’t matter how many layouts/art work
you e-mailed me -you’re in as soon as you play along.
On New Years day, the names of the participants go in the hat and I will pick
the winner. (And yep, internationals play along!)

I left the cover of this book blank (no title) so you can make it your own
by adding a title or image, but if you want me to finish the cover with
your name or a title, I’ll be happy to do that!


And these were my last “non musical” things to show…
be back Saturday at noon as we will take of with a big bang and start the
musical top 2000 blog party!!! See you then!

Je t’embrasse!

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13 Responses to “Getting ready…”

  • Chris Aiton Says:

    Love that funky page – hope you feel better very soon! What a cool binding technique – I will have to look for that one the books at the library. and thanks for the chance to win – so so looking forward to the Top 2000. Have a very merry Christmas!

  • Petra Coolen Says:

    Geweldig mooi al die soorten bindings!
    Heel apart.
    Vind de titel zo leuk van je nieuwe journal 🙂
    Ben benieuwd hoe deze er eind 2011 uit gaat zien…
    Fijne Feestdagen Marit en nogmaals bedankt voor je originele kaartje (hoop dat je mijn mail ontvangen hebt….?)

  • Mirjamc Says:

    wat een mooie boekbindings! en gaaf dat je een boek weggeeft! ik kan ook niet wachten tot het zaterdag 12 uur is en de top 2000 begint….ik ben dit jaar heerlijk thuis met de kerstdagen…dus lekker muziek luisteren en hopelijk krijg ik dan wat inspiratie om mee te doen met jouw top2000 blogparty! maar ik kom in ieder geval elke dag even je blog bekijken naar alle inzendingen! marit ik wens je hele fijne feestdagen en veel plezier met de top2000!
    ps:bedankt voor de super leuke kaart:)

  • Hanneke Says:

    Ik vind je boeken prachtig, ik ben het wel met je eens de eerste binding vind ik ook mooier!! Ben zo benieuwd naar de top 200 party, we zijn nu erg in de Serious request mood, we kijken er bijna de hele dag naar!!! Hele fijne dagen Marit!!

  • yyam Says:

    Loving all the pink Marit! And how awesome is that journal page! 🙂

    P/s: I’m gonna try binding a book!

  • julie Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh that book is AMAZING! WOW WOW WOW!! LOVE IT!! Merry Christmas! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  • ~*~Patty Says:

    Your books are each wonderful and the bindings make them extra special

    I admire your energy and creativity so much dear Marit!

    fa la la

    Lots of Love and Joy to you and our planet

  • Annemarie Says:

    Well, I am sneaking a peek at your blog on my husband’s laptop while he is snoring away here. I was able to get to the list of music and have chosen the songs I intend to use as inspiration. Hope they work out and that I can get them to you in time. (I was busy sewing yesterday and plan on making some cookies and gingerbread house today.) We shall see. I have images running through my head.

    Enjoy your countdown. Hope to be there, too.
    Merry Christmas

  • Maja Says:

    Allereerst bedankt, voor je super orginele kerstkaart!!! (it made me smile) Mooie boekbindingen, ik vind ze eigenlijk allebei mooi! Het ziet er wel ingewikkelt uit………Leuk dat je er ÊÊn weggeeft! Je weekelijkse artjournal is prachtig! Leuk al die verschillende lettertypes en de kleur roze past er geweldig mooi bij. De nieuwe titel van je artjournal klinkt erg leuk.Ik vind het ook super van je dat je het volhoudt iedere week! Met de top 2000 ga ik natuurlijk mee doen, niet iedere dag maar ik kom wel elke dag even op je blog langs om te kijken. Fijne kerstdagen en veel plezier met de top 2000 blogparty!! Oh ja, super blinkie!! ik ga hem op m’n blog zetten!

  • anneg_i Says:

    I love the word “chronicles” – sounds like the beginning of an interesting adventure! Which I guess is what life should be. Hope you’re feeling better so you can really enjoy being snug at home in the snowy weather. Can’t wait to see all the Top 2000 pages!

  • phinnner Says:

    oh these albums are amazing!!! PINK! awesome!

    so excited for all your participation!

    I so have one question about the blog party, why oh why isn’t there a single def leppard song in that list of 2000! boo!


    Merry Christmas, Marit!!!

  • Jeanet Says:

    Wow! Geweldige journals Marit!
    Ik wens jou en je familie een hele fijne kerst!

  • Glenda Tkalac Says:

    Wow Marit your books and bindings are amazing and I love the pink art journal page!! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas full of love, family and laughter.