Poems-Poetical decorations

I told you.
I’m not much of a Christmas-decorator.
Not at all.
Just a bit.
A very – tiny – little bit.
But THIS I couldn’t resist…

My mum is a poet and a writer (books for children) and when my parents visited us last week, I got THIS from her…

Something completely different: her work 
publiced on Christmas ornaments this time!
These Christmas balls
with little poems are
for sale at Plint.
Plint is a dutch organisation who makes and sells
all kinds of stuff with poems on (poems mostly in dutch)
I got three of these christmas balls (with my mums haiku on it) which I put in front of my window…



I wanted to show it earlier but I waited a couple of days because I SO wanted it to snow (the photo would be much nicer when everything outside was white, and I pictured a nice blue sky behind it…)
But not a slowflake in sight since weeks and the weather forecast predicts only grey and rainy weather for Christmas so I had to take the picture with a grey sky.

It sure looks like
summer on this picture!
See the green behind this? The one time I DO decorate my house with something “Christmasy”, I think that should be rewarded with Christmas weather too! Is it too much to ask? Just a little bit of snow behind my Christmas balls, just one inch… PLEASE!

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