Inspiration diary

I have something “cooking” for you, but it won’t be on my blog until
Tuesday so I thought of writing a short post in between showing you my “inspiration diary”.

My intention was
to use it for notes, sentences that inspire me, techniques I
want to try
or ideas I have
(and maybe want to work out later) but… 


…the very moment I made the first
page I noticed that
I wanted it to be “nice and neat” and that’s not what it should be at all…
It’s supposed to be a diary for inspiring notes and  “try outs” and little sketches etc.
I suppose I found the core of my character right there… it always has to be “perfect-finished” with me!
So I make it my goal for this new year to get rid of the idea that everything I do or make should be “neat”…
I have to allow myself that it’s OK to just “do something”, play a bit and don’t expect a finished layout (or whatever) all the time. I guess this little diary is on it’s way to become a huge obstacle in my exertions to loosen up a bit.


Anyway, the
“nice and neat” pages allready in the diary may stay there to remind me… 

…and you can
take a look at this simple and lovely technique I tried after seeing it in a magazine… (the word spells “sand”)



It’s really simple!!!
Just put the word
or sentence you want to highlight in reverse on the back of the paper.
Make small holes with a pin/needle around it, turn the page and voila!



It’s the fourth day in this new year already, and I’ve been thinking about the new word OLW came up with to “start” the year…
Yep, the new Word Up is START… and I don’t have anything with that word.
I mean totally nothing. Nope. No starts for me. 
All STARTS must END. That’s inherent in the word. I don’t like starts and I don’t like endings, I just go with the flow. My genes include parts of my ancestors and my son will take them further into this world after I’m gone…
nothing really starts and nothing really ends.

A bit philosophical, I know and I don’t always feel it that way (I have starts and endings in my life like everybody else … but I’m not in the mood for that now!) but as a result I decided not to play along with OLW this time.
I’ll wait to see what ScrapMojo comes up with on the 5th, and I have lots of other ideas too. I’ll stay creative anyway.

And last but not least: I’m preparing a surprise for you!
Come visit my blog on the 6th to check it out!

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