I know, I know, I KNOW!

Weekend allready – time flies! It’s been very cold last week in the Netherlands, and even colder in the south (where I live). We – my love and I – spend last wednesday standing in the snow and freezing wind, blow-drying the waterpipe because it was frozen and I couldn’t do the loundry.
(Noticed that when my bathroom overfloated…)
The “winning mood” I was in since tuesday dissapeared quickly that way! We (to be honest, more him then me) managed to defrost the ice in the pipe after a few hours and we got the water floating eventually. Pffff…

On thursday I started on a layout for Scrapping out LOUD and I finished it yesterday. Here’s what the challenge was about:

“Your challenge this week is to scrap about your resolutions, if you make them, if you don’t, if you keep them, etc. Go wild with this ladies!”

I had an idea right away for a layout.
I don’t make resolutions – resolutions suck!
Ai, I noticed that was already done by Melissa (and very well done too!
Love that LO!!!) and I didn’t want to do the same…

So I gave it
a second thought
and I focused on
the resolution everybody 
to make (which
I do NOT!)
Along the way I stopped arguing about it.
I know, I know,
I KNOW all the concequenses.
Don’t tell me.
My brain
still works.
I can think too.
I’ve read the warning on the sigarette boxes. I still smoke. I’m intend to do so for as long as I wish. I love smoking! So what! Take it or leave it, that’s me!


Detail of the
which I painted
white first.
After that,
I finished
the edges
with stamp ink.



Last week, my dad send me some old photonegatives over the mail. Scanned them, and really want to use some of that pictures! It’s all about snow and ice skating – in fact: Holland is all about ice skating these days!
So maybe I’ll make a real “old-dutch” LO with that theme…

I also want to start on a LO for the new ScrapMojo challenge.
Maybe combine their challenge with the sketch Scrapping out LOUD posted – that’s two challenges in one LO then! Aaaah, we’ll see what happens when I try that. Thing is, I want to put all my scrap goodies on the table again and go play whole weekend! We can eat dinner on the couch and leave my stuff on the table. (Oh how I wish I had a scraproom/atelier!)

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