(More than a)
“penpal from abroad”

In 1977 I started writing with boys and girls from other countries.
I was in my teens and it was very “hip” in those days to have a penpal from abroad. (It was also good for my English, it improved rapidly!) I had lots of penpals but while most of them disappeared over the years, Kumi stayed.
She lived in the USA, but studied in Europe for a year and visited me during her holiday. We became true friends over the years! The last time I saw her was 12 years ago and it was only for half an hour. She had to change planes in Amsterdam on her way from Germany to the USA. I took that day off from work and drove all the way up to Amsterdam (a 2 hour drive) to meet her.
On the airport I begged the customs office to let me behind the bars and
she begged on the other side with the officials. They wouldn’t let her out
nor me in… but I think they liked us girls because finally they agreed that this was a special occasion and they “let her out”. We had just enough time to kiss and hug and drink a cup of coffee…. and off she went. 🙁

She lives in San Diego now with her husband and last month they finally 
(after waiting for a long time) traveled to Korea to pick up their newly – adopted – baby! She kept all family and friends up-to-date through e-mail and we could follow the trip and see the first pictures of the little guy.
He’s 10 months old, they named him Joshua and he’s soooo cute!!!
Ofcourse I sent presents to the USA to welcome the little guy!
Yesterday I got her message that she received the gifts so today I can put
the “little Dutch book” I made for the baby on my blog and share it with you.
I made a simple childrens’ picturebook (no emballishments) with pictures from Holland and Zeeland (where she visited me and my parents many years ago). Enjoy learning those Dutch words!

(I just LOVE my stamps of Dutch
step-roof houses, the fence and the bicycle!)
































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8 Responses to “(More than a)
“penpal from abroad””

  • Melissa Says:

    Ohhh, great story and wonderful “Little Dutch Book!”

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    Wow!! I absolutely love your blog!! What a great story, and your art is gorgeous!!! Thanks for visiting my blog too. It is just getting started, and meeting new people like you is why I started it. Good luck to you and your friend and her new baby, Beautiful picture book!!

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    Oh Marit!! You are so sweet. You are so encouraging, and you are helping me to stay positive. I really appreciate that. I can’t believe you just started in November!! You are doing a great job! Hopefully, my blog will come along too.

    BTW, are you on the unity stamps blog too? I thought I saw your name there too.

    It has been awsome meeting you!! Please, lets keep in touch.!!!

  • Melissa Says:

    Pssst, I’ve left you a little award on my blog 🙂

  • Ricky Says:

    Hi sis’

    Kumi, yes, I’ll think I’ll have to arrange a load to san diego soon!! haha. Was there three years ago for the last time, went to sea world, next time I will visit her, and tell her that my sis still loves her!!
    Greetings, it’s cold here, minus 51 celcius, brrr
    You’re brother

  • Denise Says:

    What a beautiful story! I had a penpal when I was very young, you just reminded me how special I used to feel when I got my “letter” in the mail! Thanks for sharing!

  • Maria Says:

    I agree an awesome story of such a special friendship, Joshua will have something special to cherish as he grow’s older and learn’s new word’s, maybe his first word will be dutch….

  • Meka Says:

    that’s such a touching story. it really warmed my heart. and the little book is too cute!