I’m fabulous!

Well, maybe I’m not but my blog sure is – Melissa gave me this blog award
to prove it!

Thanks soooo much Melissa!
I’m very proud! I love your blog too – especially your questions 😉
Check it out you all!

And now on to the rules:
I need to name 5 addictions, and 5 people I’d like to pass on this “award” to…

Well, uuuuuhhh, my addictions.

  • SMOKING (for sure, even made a LO about that!)
  • Coffee while reading the morning paper.
  • Scrapbooking (I’m hooked on making mini-books)
  • Putting on my PJ’s right after dinner.
  • bloggin’ (recently developed this addiction, and it’s here to stay!)

And moving forward to my 5 fab bloggers. There are lots of blogs I follow and ladies I “met” last month, and I should probably not choose the ones Melissa or Denise (before Melissa) picked, but I sure want to mention both Denise and Jessica! Love reading your blog ladies!

But for my list of 5 fab bloggers I choose:

  • Meka (please keep on bloggin’ girl!)
  • Fauve (she deserves this!)
  • Revlie (for making me smile almost every day)
  • Ronda (she’s a real scrap-master)
  • Christina (her photo’s are fabulous)

And now I’m off to finish the LO I’m working on.
It should be posted sometime today ’cause it’s nearly finished, so take a peek later to see if it’s there…

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