My second post this day, but hey – can you blame me?
I don’t get a reward everyday you know!!! (see former post)

This afternoon I finished my LO for the challenge Scrapping out loud! came up with this week. This was their challenge:

“We want to know what 2008 taught you?
Tell us what you have learned from the past year on a layout.”

Yep, and a sketch again!
I tried to integrate the sketch from Scrapping out loud! with the challenge again. My layout turned out to be quite different though, maybe you can see the basic of the sketch but I went from there and did my own thing.



What 2008
thaught me?
Hmmm, a lot.
But I also re-newed an
important lesson 
I already learned
(I’m a graduated 
arts teacher,
and that is to
keep wondering 
over everything
I see!
Don’t say the sky is blue, ’cause it isn’t!
Look at it closely: sometimes it’s grey, or purple, or pink
or darkblue, or, or…. and this little poem (in Dutch) tells in a few simple words how amazing this world is if you REALLY LOOK and think about it!
Here’s the translation:

“If you look around well, you’ll see everything is coloured”


I had just the right photo to go with the poem, I had the sketch and I had the flowers so this was going to be a very “fast” scrap…
…so I thought.

Boy, was I wrong!



The felt swirl fitted the page but the colour dissapeared against the background. It looked, I don’t know, boring.
So I decided to “bling” it with metal thread…
Festoon stitches – yeah, that’s it!

(It took me over 3 hours to embroider that swirl!)

And after that, the page itself needed embroidering too – ofcourse.
So here it goes again….

(these stitches took less time though)


And here’s for
the easy part:
(Used tiny little
buttons for the hearts)








And now, my fingers itch to start on a mini-book again!
I have plans for a little “OLW” project. Their new Word Up is “embrace” –
and boy do I love that word! My friend Lenny always ends her letters to me
in French (she has a cottage in France… jealous yet?) with “je t’embrasse”
(I embrace you) and I like the way that sounds, so melodious and so sweet! 
I want to use that sentence… 
Aaahhh… just brainstorming and jabbering away my thoughts to you.
You’ll see what came out when I finish that project but I’m affraid it will take the weekend. I won’t vanish though! I became hooked on bloggin’ and stalking you – can’t miss it a day! See you! JE T’ EMBRASSE

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