Playing with fire (Challenge
Scrapping out Loud! )

Too much to do, too much ideas and way too little time to accomplish it all!
I got to make choices and I’m skipping the Scrapping out Loud challenge
this week.
That is; sort of.
Not exactly… 
Not entirely… 

I’m bringing in an older layout  but it fits the challenge as the design team
came up with: 

“This weeks challenge is ALL about the layers.
Use as many as you can, but there’s a twist.
You cannot use patterned paper from the scrapbook store on your LO,
you have to make your own!!!”

The title says “Nout’s playing with fire”

I took these photo’s last summer. On warm summer evenings, my son 
likes to make a “campfire” in our garden. Our garden is small (but nice, if you wanna take a look, go to the minibooks – there’s one book about my garden.) Being an adolescent, have summer holidays and start a fire in the garden… could you think of anything nicer?
Of course his mum (that’s me) is afraid for his (and our) safety, so this campfire is made “the parent-prove” way…
in a big empty flowerpot!

The paper I used for this LO is simple: plain black wrapping paper for the background and torn pieces of orange paper.
I teared the orange
paper so it would 
look like flames, and glued the pieces on top of each other (there’s your layers!)


I used coloured pencils (yellow, orange, red) to give it a “burning-fire-look”.

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Scrapping out Loud! )”