And the winner is…

I just had a lovely dinner with “my men”. The dishes are done and while
my son and love are on their way to rent the DVD “Dark night”  (wasn’t
Heath Ledger, who plays the Joker in that movie, a nominee for an Oscar? Thought I heard that somewhere ) I thought of checking my mail and comments before shutting down the computer and watching 
the movie with my family…. and… surprise, surprise!!!
I’ve got an award again!!!


Dear Danielle awarded me
for being a “best blogging buddy”.
So I’ve got an
award even
before the Oscars
are presented!!!
I’m a lucky girl!!!

And I only have to pass it to 5 “blogging buddy’s” of my choice (no addictions this time, sorry if you were waiting for confessions. Maybe some other time)

And my winners are… (tatatatataaaaaa)

Melissa (for being my blogging buddy #1)

Jessica (for always loving what I make out of her sketches)

Gudrun (for sharing wonderful Norwegian photo’s, scraps and thoughts)

Birgit (for being one of thé Dutch scrappers I love)

Pat (for being the best “scrappin’ nana” EVER)

You all deserve this girls!!!!

And now I’m closing down. Gonna watch that movie with my two men, a glass of wine and a big bag of potato chips, YES!!! Don’t care about fat belly’s, it’s weekend! Enjoy! Je t’embrasse!

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