I got tagged…

I got tagged by Melissa today, and this is what I have to do…

1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.

2. Select the 6th folder.

3. Select the 6th photo from that folder.

4. Post and explain about that picture.

5. Tag 6 other people.


This is a picture of an old steam pumping station in Zeeland…
needs explanation huh?
Well, in Zeeland the land behind the dikes is situated under sea level.

Since men conquered the land of the sea, Zeeland protected itself not only against the sea with dikes and dams; also protection against inland waterways was necessary. Pumping stations were build to drain the surplus of inland water to the sea.

Nowadays, drainage is done in an electric (and computerized) way, and the
old pumping stations are out of order. Still, this one dominates the landscape, with that big chimney… it would have been a shame if it was ruined.
And so an old friend of my parents, born in that part of Zeeland, bought the old pumping station and renovated it to live in the house (the white building) and work in the station (the part on the left)

There’s no use for the chimney, but inside is a small, steel stepladder and you can climb to the top (brrrrr!!!!)
I wouldn’t dare climb those steps, but my son did, together with his granddad (my father) and so here’s a bonus picture for you…


After giving you this little history lesson about the pumping station,
I tag the ONE other person I can think of right now.
He makes the most marvelous pictures and I’m very curious to see
what he has in stock…

…so open up that 6th folder, open that 6th picture and show mummy what you have on that computer upstairs in your room… show it on your own blog and maybe some of MY blogfriends might visit YOUR blog….


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8 Responses to “I got tagged…”

  • jessica Says:

    very interesting…and the pics are fantastic..i would love to travel and see these things someday!!

    on another note..i am curious what kind of camera you use?

  • Marit Says:

    I use an Olympus C-5050 zoom (that’s an oldie) and I have an
    extra zoomlens (for portrets) which I hardly ever use…
    My son bought himself a Canon last summer (a reflex camera,
    I don’t know the exact type.)
    He makes the most wonderful pictures, mostly of buildings and landscapes (you’ll find some on his blog – photography) but I
    strongly think good photography mostly has to do with LOOKING and not so much with the camera you use…

  • Revlie Says:

    congrats on the slideshow girl, you deserved that spot!!

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    Really cool pics and history lesson! I love to see and hear about places I know I will never see in my lifetime. Really cool!!

    I also know what you mean about the challenge on sol. 5,5,5,5, Might be too much. We will see!!

  • Ricky Says:

    Glad you didn’t tag me, pfffff !!!!!!
    I checked my 6th folder and 6th pic…………
    Lucky me today, and all you’re blog visitors, lol
    Kisses Ricky

  • Marit Says:

    Heeeeyyyy little brother… you make me very curious – but I guess that was your intention in the first place! I know you! 😉

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    You are a sweetie!!! Marshall is 9 and Robert is 12. That is all I have, and it is enough!! They are awsome, and thanks so much for the nice comments!! Does it snow at all where you are?
    BTW, would you like to be a friend of my blog? I would love to have you!!

  • Nout van Deijck Says:

    Thanks for tagging me!
    Here it is!