Home versus home

Yesterday, we went to visit my parents in Zeeland.
They still live in the small village where I was born and raised. 
It’s a 2 hour drive so we left home early. My heart always beats a little faster once we arrive in “Walcheren” (the region I lived) and I realise every time I do miss the places, the landscape and the language (dialect) a lot!
It’s kinda weird when I go there, feels like leaving “home” to “go home”… where do I belong?

Anyway, here’s
a photo so you
get an idea of the landscape.
The “mountains”
on the horizon are the dunes – behind that the beach and the waves.



The city from which this photo was taken is Middelburg. (The photographer stood on top of a high tower called “de lange Jan” – (“Long John”)
My birthvillage should be on the very right of this photo, or maybe just a little further to the right. 

The main reason we went to Zeeland was because of my father’s birthday
last Thursday and I made this little book as a gift for him two weeks ago
(but I couldn’t show it on my blog until he got it.)
The layout for this book is totally copied from Ronda’s little book 
capturing time” so all credits for the white-with-black-frame-layout
go to her!!! (And her blog sure is worth visiting – check it out!)

The journaling contains sentences we use as a family and on top of that it is written in dialect (“Zeeuws”). It’s not possible to translate and even Dutchies won’t understand a thing! (Maybe some understand the sentence, but if you don’t know the story behind it, everything sounds absurd!)
But I’ll tell you one thing: the title says something like “Oh my gosh…” 

(By the way: I made a tutorial about this binding technique.
If you’re interested, look over here.)

And to end this post: I just heard from my love that tomorrow we drive up to Zeeland again, ’cause my parents have problems with their computers and my hubby is an computer expert… My mum’s a writer and she really can’t do without her computer, so off we go….

No SOL-challenge ready on time ladies – (planned that for tomorrow) SORRY.

And dear friend Lena (who lives in Zeeland too): I know you don’t work on monday’s so, HOORAY, here I come!!!

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