Living (Word Up #44)

Living poetry, that’s what she does.
Living poetry, that’s what she IS!!!

Let me introduce you to JOHANNA.
Johanna is a writer and a poet.

She writes books
for children.
She writes poems for children and 
for adults.
She is kinda famous among poets.
At least in Holland she is.
And in Belgium.
Johanna loves poetry.
Johanna lives poetry.
Johanna IS poetry,
and Johanna
is my MUM!!!


I love this paper with flowers and little leaves integrated.
Part of the title
is made of (painted) chipboard types.






“Living” (Word Up at OLW) gets the attention ’cause I used red velvet characters.
(It also matches with the red skirt Johanna wears on this “lively” photo.)




I sprinkled satin rose leafs and little flowers all over the layout to complete the “spring-ish” and lively look.








(And for those who want to know more about Johanna:
take a look at her website. (in Dutch)

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8 Responses to “Living (Word Up #44)”

  • jessica Says:

    What a fabulous pic of your mum!! This is such a beautiful pg. sweet and darling! I checked out her website but it needs to be in Dutch and English! lol

  • Lynn Says:

    I LOVE this and I LOVE that photo of your mom! Awesome!

  • helen salthouse Says:

    Hi Marit, your page is wonderful, really gorgeous! I haven’t made any comments for a while because I kept coming back and seeing the same post…then today I realised that when I put you on my faves list I’d linked to just one post! And there was me thinking what a slow blogger you were! Off now to go back thru all the posts I missed!

  • Maria Says:


    I love your paper’s you always seem to use something unusual and unexpected on your layouts, that picture of your mom is just gorgeous your colours seem to match so perfectly with your photo’s…..

  • Nout van Deijck Says:

    The page’s become very beautiful!
    Who took that great photograph?… 😉
    Your son

  • Marit Says:

    Nout, you know what that’s called, don’t you?!
    “Ask for the sake of asking”……
    But OK, I’ll tell: YOU made that picture of (grand)ma!!!

  • Denise Says:

    Your layout is amazing!! love everything…the flowers…the colours…really make your mum’s pic jump off the page!!!

  • gudrun Says:

    This LO about your mom is SO beautiful!