Highschool revisited

I went RETRO, yeah!!!
The Creative Type came up with this “prompt” (as they call it):

“For prompt 10, we are taking it Retro. Choose a font from whatever era it may be that you dig and create with it. Make it bold, make it colorful, make it anyway you want, but be sure to use the retro font that you chose.”

and retro I went!

I decided to take it back to the years I was an adolescent, the seventies. 
I found the box filled with my old high school diaries in the attic.

I spend hours reading in it,
my son laughed over the slogans I wrote in it and
both my loved ones tried to recognize the numerous 
“seventies pop heroes” on the pictures…
(I used to have “de POP agenda” – the “POP diary”)

We sure had fun!

And then I started creating!

 The title says HE SAID HI…

(Seeing this makes you laugh isn’t it?! But I bet you recognize this!
Oh, come on… 
you were a
teenager too…  
I don’t know
much about the 
school system in other countries – did you have school diaries like us? –
but I bet you 
walked on clouds too when the boy you had a crush on  just looked
at you…) 

For the black words in the title, I used a typical seventies font called “Wunderland”.

I copied the
logo from the 
POP diary to create this “HOI”
(meaning “HI”)

By using foam dots I added
some dimension
to this word.  


for the star behind “HOI” I used some sort of paint in a tube. (The paint is originally meant to use on glass to make leaded windows)
I don’t know the name, but it stays on top of the paper.

Feeling thirteen again!!!
Just doodling
and drawing
silly pictures
on the squared background paper.

Hidden journaling, saying:
teenage years!
Diaries filled
with homework
and puppy love.
“He glanced at me
during lunch time”


And this prompt got me all into retro now….
I started a lay out for “Scrapping out LOUD!” already, and the picture I want to use on that goes waaayyyyy back in time, long before I was born even!
So check out my blog in a day or two (due day for that challenge is monday) and my LO should be on it! See ya then, je t’embrasse! 


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