Watching the world go by…

… that’s what he did, Jan Maljers.
My great great grandfather.
(Yep, that’s two times “great” and not a typing error)
He sat there in his chair and watched the world go by…

And me?
I’m right in the middle with my scrap paper & lace & paint & photographs 
& emballisments & stickers,
and I play!
I played a lot this weekend.
Got my mojo runnin’ girls!

So here’s my second post this weekend, including a new lay out.

I created this lay out for the new challenge at Scrapping out Loud:

“This week’s challenge: SCRAP YOUR STASH! With the CHA last week and all the new products soon to hit our scrapbooking stores we want you to make room for the new stuff so dig into your stash and use your old products…whatever that may be! It has to be at least 6 months old…”

Well, that wasn’t hard to do! I have tons of old stuff all around the house.
I don’t buy much new stuff either (crisis all over the world isn’t it) and
on top of that: there isn’t a scrapbook store in the town I live in!
(I find my stuff mostly in the hobby store, they do have scrap goodies
but not the assortment a scrapbook store has I guess…)

Anyway, get on with it.

For this challenge I used a real old photo I scanned. (You wanted old stuff ladies? Well, you’re gonna GET old stuff then!) Meet my great great grandfather
Jan Maljers.
(1845 – 1941)

On this photo he’s one old dude, and he just seems to sit there…  

…but when you take
a closer look,
he smiles at you!
In his hand
he holds a pipe
and he has that
twinkle in his eye…

he was very much alive still!






For the background I used plain brown paper which I folded
and distressed using sandpaper.
I made a tear like I saw on a blog Cookie’s Corner and although it looks quite different than hers, it works real well on this lay out!







Very, very,
VERY old ribbon!
Not a new bought,
modern copy but 
the original dusty
old stuff. (you
should smell it!)




This is a little
left over piece
from an embroidered voile.









And you’ll also find:

  • Light brown fibre paper. My mum bought this for me in Belgium
    last June (and so it counts, that’s more than 6 months!)
  • Little “journaling squares” (behind the photo and behind the tear) 
    These squares are from “Prima” and I bought them last spring
    (almost a year ago!) in that hobby store I mentioned.
    I fell in love with those the moment I laid my eyes on, and I still use these a lot!
  • The sticker(with a piece of voile attached to it, cut from the embroidered voile) is a lot older.  I don’t remember where it came from. A dutch store called “Wibra” maybe?
  • The photo I used is obviously old and I scanned it a couple
    of years ago already, but even the photo paper I printed it on
    is older than 6 months!!! (It was a gift from my neighbour,
    she said she bought it a long time ago but never uses it, so she 
    gave it to me before it turns yellow!)

And so, ladies from the Design Team over at Scrapping out Loud, I justified every little thing on this LO. But more important than that: I hope you all
like what I did with this old stuff! Let me know and leave me a comment!

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9 Responses to “Watching the world go by…”

  • Melissa Says:

    I am in love with this! I love the torn sanded paper, and your great, great grandpa has a very kind face!

    Beautiful LO, Marit!

  • Cookie A. Says:

    Hi!!! wow first of all, thanks for the visit and for the wonderful comment you left on my blog. and 2nd, wow im so happy that you like the “tear” on my layout!! your version is gorgeous too!!! i love its vintage look and all other elements you’ve placed on you page. Good luck on the challenge!!! and i hope to see you more often on my blog!! will link you up!!!(hope its ok hihihi!)

  • Denise Says:

    Marit!!! I’m amazed at your layout this week and how you took us back in time with your great grandfather!!! I love the look of your paper and the old ribbon…very beautiful and thanks for playing this week!!!

  • helen salthouse Says:

    Yes, Marit, it’s beautiful! I love that you’ve used non-scrapping stuff, and that old old ribbon is very impressive!

  • jessica Says:

    Marit love your old stuff pg…seriously fantastic as always! thanks for playing and i don’t think that i am done with my old stuff pgs. yet!

  • Lisa T. Says:

    Freakn’ fantastic layout!!! I love all the distressing and the old lace you used!! Your great great grandpa looks like he was full of mischief!!


  • Maria Says:

    Hi Ya Marit,
    This layout looks so vintage, love your distressing and those ribbons and voile looks gorgeous, your great grandfather looks like a gentle soul sitting there……

  • pat Says:

    This is stunning!!!! I love everything about this!

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! And the picture is awsome!!! I love how you always have such a great story to go with your work.

    BTW, sent you an email. Hope you got it!!!