Remember this photo? (See post February 5th)
A lot of things came together with this picture and it sort of became a major project! Let me explain…

(A bit of history)
After years of “scrapping on my own” I looked for other scrapbookers on the Internet, mostly to find inspiration.

While surfing, I came along the ScrapMojo challenge blog and liked the challenge there so much that I decided to play along. (Challenge #24,
my “Season of the Witch” lay out)
Of course I wanted to send my lay out to their blog, but didn’t know how to do that, so I e-mailed them and Marie (ScrapMojo girl) mailed me back and helped me along. By that time, I was already hooked on the blogs and challenges I’d found, so with help of my dear love and son (who already had a blog) I started my own weblog. (And yes… I became an addict pretty soon!) But being busy with that, I had to skip ScrapMojo challenge #25.
I never forgot about that one though ’cause I liked it so much!

This was it: 
Your challenge is to use Alice in Wonderland as inspiration. That means take ANYTHING from the story and use it. It could be images, quotes, book pages, colors, whatever your little heart desires. The second part of the challenge is to use lace.

While working on the above “sixties”photo, giving it a “psychedelic look”
(I showed you in February) a song popped in my mind, and I couldn’t get
it out… it was the song “White rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.
It’s a band from those psychedelic – flower power years, and the song
refers to… Alice in Wonderland!

And there it was! The inspiration to make this lay out. It all came together!
The song I like, the picture I like, the challenge I like. I wanted to make the ultimate lay out out of that! It had to be a spread, ’cause I wanted lots of flowers and butterflies and beads and overwhelming colours and, and, and…. you already know it took a lot of time to make this one, ’cause I mentioned a little something sometimes on my blog to make you curious (and that worked didn’t it? You ARE curious by now!)

OK then, here it is. I proudly present…. (tatatatadaaaaaaaa)



Picture from aside, to show the dimensions.







The lay out is filled with little things, so I got lots and lots of detailed photo’s for you!


The purple border is made out of felt. I found that, along with the light blue seventies-looking rings, in a haberdasher’s shop.

I stitched all those curves
with purple thread. 
(see that Jessica?!)






Embroidery flowers and a piece of purple lace
on the edges.





I made curves out of embroidery flowers and I stitched  little breads onto others.





More flowers… paper, fabric, with and without pins.






Lots of butterflies!
Butterfly stickers and
butterflies made of
voile and feathers
decorated with paint
and bling-bling.







These big purple sequins are original from the seventies, my mum used these making big “flower power” earrings…
I got some goodies and left overs from her.





I used a “sixties” font 
(“Baldur”; a look-a-like from the font Jefferson Airplane
uses on their album covers.)
I shaped the text in the computer, copied it onto the
lay out and painted the text 
using dark purple acrylic paint. 
The orange highlights are made with a fibre-tip pen.





It’s kinda weird having finished this lay out and publishing it on my weblog…
I worked the past week on it! I did a little something almost every day, 
and I think it’s gonna take some time to get this LO out of my system.
Although I have plans for new lay outs already, I think I better “rehab” from this one first. So maybe I’ll take the afternoon off, do some blogsurfing and see if my head’s clear by tomorrow to start something new.
Thank you all for looking!  Je t’embrasse! See you!

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8 Responses to “WONDER…”

  • jessica Says:

    Marit…I cannot even find the right adjectives to describe your masterpiece…truly…this is the most fabulous layout that I have seen in a long time…every single element and piece work together, you attention to detail is amazing. For example that font is just totally fantastic, the butterflies, the stitching..(yes, I see that..lol..but your is so much more wonderful than those rub ons..really)! and it all makes sense, without being too much or over the top! This is a work of art, Marit! Thanks so much for sharing this with us and the story behind it…love it!

  • Lena Says:

    WAANZINNIG!!! De letters… de kraaltjes… de stikseltjes… de bloemetjes en vlinders… de kleuren…
    Ik vind em helemaal te WAUW (om maar in de sfeer van de flower power te blijven)!!!!

  • Melissa F Says:

    Wow, Im completely speechless. This LO is more than a simple LO, it’s art. I would hang this on my wall, as I think many others would too. All the little details, whoa…

  • jessica Says:

    Marit I tagged you…check out my blog

  • Denise Says:

    Your layout blew me away…..I have to go back and look again and again!! It’s amazing…so much to admire! P.S. I tagged you too! LOL

  • Marit Says:

    Hi there ladies! Thanks for your sweet comments, you all make me blush! And oh, I got tagged twice! Well-thanks! But uuuhmmm, I already was tagged with this one (I love this one!) and I can’t keep repeating the same pic over and over on my blog (it’s in the January 27th post…) I passed it on to my son and it would be fun if you hopped over to his blog to take a look there too!

  • Lisa T. Says:

    WOW!!! So totally worth waiting for Marit this is amazing!!! So many details you put in it, and it’s all totally perfect!!! Scrap Mojo is a rockn’ site, first challenge site I ever found and played along with!

  • dani Says:

    oh my gosh.
    that is so fantastic! I love how you came back to it after all this time.
    there is a design team call over at scrapmojo, so feel free to apply!