No FUN at all!

After my last “Wonderland” lay out, I had troubles to start another one.
I wondered through the house, looked at my photo’s, looked for my mojo,
did something else (cleaned the kitchen!) looked at my photo’s again and finally started a lay out with the Word Up #45 “Fun” (OLW challenge).
It turned out to be NO FUN at ALL!!!
Worked a few hours on it, and it became more and more ugly. It’s gone now! Threw it away! (after ripping of the, already glued, alphabet to re-use)
Sorry guys, but it was way to ugly to show – or even tell more – about that one.
Let’s forget OLW this time!

So, looking for fun on the Internet then, I came along Jessica’s blog and there 
she wrote this:

“So, I tagged Lisa for the 6th pic in the 6th folder thingy and she left me this comment today “Now I dare you to go back and show us the 6th layout you ever made… that should be fun!! 😉 ” ….great idea… right..
Wanna play… Find the pic of the 6th layout… and post it… c’mon and leave me a link so I can see it… can’t be any uglier than mine!

OK, I was in for some fun so I looked up my first album and started
counting the pages….


This was what I found as my 6th lay out! (made that 6 or 7 years ago)

“On March 25th 1971, dad and Nout buy a steel fishing boat called “Jacomina”.
They want to become fishermen.
The boat is known under it’s registration name “Vlissingen 2” ’cause Nout doesn’t like the name “Jacomina” and takes the sign off.
Dad quits fishing in 1974 and sells his half of the boat to Nout.
Early morning, on September 1975, Nout stumbles off of the quay and drowns in the harbour of Colijnsplaat. He’s 32 years. Nout couldn’t swim…”

(Nout was a very good friend of our family. I was almost twelve when he drowned. My son is named after him.)

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5 Responses to “No FUN at all!”

  • jessica Says:

    Marit..that is such a tragic story…so so sorry. It is so sweet that you named your son after him..really sweet. Thanks for playing along and even though that was made 6-7 years looks very current!

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    I think that layout is great!! When I put mine up, it will be so 6 years ago. Your’s looks like you could have made it yesterday!
    I was wondering when I saw the name Nout, if that is who your son was named after. Such a sad story. I am sorry.

  • helen salthouse Says:

    Oh dear. I’ll go and look for my sixth LO later – but I warn you now, I started off using pre-printed pages and, well, you’ll see!

    I really like your page – I guess it’s fairly simple but there are some great techniques there, and it really tells a story. Very sad, but striking, just what you want people to be looking at in years to come.

    And Marit, I live in the UK! Your deduction was correct!

  • Lisa T. Says:

    Ok this rocks! I love the cut out photo and how it’s peeking, so perfect!!! Isn’t it fun to go back and check out our old layouts and just how much we’ve changed?

  • Nout van Deijck Says:

    Such a very nice story about a scrap of which I think is one of the most beautiful scraps that you made in your “early-scrap-years”.
    I’ve always been very happy that my name is Nout and I still am! The big photo on this scrap hangs on my wall in my room. I find it a very pitty (sorry, don’t know another english way to say this) that I’ve never been able to know Nout, because if I hear all the stories, I think I was born in the wrong ages… (also seeing that my music-preferences lay in the sixties-seventies..), although, I’m addicted to computers..
    Again, a worthy post that I very appreciate to read.