Discover the world (Challenge
Scrapping out Loud! )

After the disastrous lay out on Friday (threw that away, remember?) I decided to just keep it familiar and calm with the next lay out. Couldn’t handle another failure again so I worked with colours and paper I feel comfortable with and I went back to the basic of my scrapping: sand and water. Peaceful colours.

Did this LO for the Scrapping out Loud challenge which was the following: 

“Our new challenge for this week is to use more than one kind of lace on your layout. Use lace as a border, wrapped around chipboard, to highlight a pic,
a lace flower, use a lot or a little…but make sure you use more than one kind!”

Is this lace?

I decided it is more lace then ribbon, so YES, this is lace!







OK, now that I concidered it as lace I used two kinds of lace AND the word of the week (“discover”) in this lay out.

That’s me, on the little picture as well as on the big one. Both taken in Zeeland, my home ground.







And, as usual, some detail photo’s to take a closer look.

A piece of ivory white lace.
(that makes two kinds of lace)

The “dotted thingie” is a piece
of journaling paper I teared out
of a spiral journaling book…
(from “Making Memories”)

…and two little roses
to accomplish it.





Sandy coloured flowers and tiny little buttons.








I used a stencil plate and grey acrylic paint
on the big alphabet.
I didn’t fill in the spaces totally, which gave a nice effect to it.

I used alphabet stamps for the 
small text.




I had this “sandy label” in stock for ages…. and now was the time to use it! I Stamped an “ol’ time favourite” onto it.








More shells,
my shell stamp!!!!!
I use it whenever
I get a change –
even on this blog…
(search for it yourself if you hadn’t seen that already)

Just never can get enough of shells!


And this is it, guys. I’m not going to write much more ’cause I’m not feeling well today and can’t sit on my chair much longer. See you all soon. Je t’embrasse!

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Scrapping out Loud! )”