I spend last weekend standing up (glad I always scrap in upright position!)
or laying down (thank God for our big couch and lots of pillows.)

if realy necessary, 
wiggling on a chair
balancing on just
one buttock…

… and this morning,
I went to the doctor.






Doctor: “Goodmorning ma’m, what is the problem”
(Good thinking, you won’t go to a doctor when there isn’t any problem, would you?)

Me: “Well, uhhm, I got a big lump and it’s giving me trouble…”

Doctor: “I see, and where may that lump dwell?”

Me: (Oh, how I wish it was on my elbow…!) “On my bottom, doctor….”

Doctor: “Ah, well, I understand. Let’s take a look.
You may undress in the surgery. ”

Me: (Yep, thought so….)

Doctor: “That’s one big lump indeed! It’s a major infection.
I will cut that open to enlighten the pressure and clean it up. 
I’ll give an anaesthetic first. Hold on while I’ll get the injection needle…”

Me: (*sigh-sigh-SIGH*) “Yeah, right….”


Doctor: “OK, that’s done! Feel relieved now?”

Me: (Hey, relieved I got my pants back on…) “Yes, thank you doctor.”

Doctor: “I’ll give you some extra bandage so you can refresh now and then.
I advise to put your but in desinfected water three times a day for the first
few days, so it won’t infect again.”

Me: “Thanks again, doc! See you….” (not in a few years I hope!)


I went to the store and bought me this tub… 
I chose a happy “spring is in the air” colour…

I will sit in this three times I day.
Or two times….
Or just one evening….
If I fit in anyway…

You won’t see any pictures of that!

But I can sit on my chair again.
I can blog for hours again!

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