My heart belongs to….

Had to smile, when I saw the latest ScrapMojo challenge #30…. HA!!!
This was it:

“We know Valentines Day is done and over but we are sure you have pictures to scrap. This challenge is for those of you who have those love inspired pictures laying around collecting dust. Our challenge to you is use one of these as your title on your page… For the love of ______(fill in the blank) or My heart belongs to _______ (fill in the blank). The second part of our challenge is to use heart(s) on your layout.”

Those titles I can fill in easily! The name never changed either.
It’s a fact all my former boyfriends had a problem with! (Not that there were too many, but one by one they couldn’t cope with it. Until I met my love.
He’s the only one who understands and doesn’t have “issues” with this…)

I do love my man. Very much. No other man can compare to him.
I do love my son. Very much. No other child can compare to him.

MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY (song written by Cole Porter)









Some details

I used random
alphabet stamps
for the title.





Small flowers,
little buttons.



Made paper circles (and inked all the edges to give it more body.)





Flower (and heart) split-pens.







There’s nothing more to say about this.
The picture tells the story, and I tried to intensify that feeling with this lay out.
This feeling still goes on (although I’m a big girl now and dad keeps growing older too…)

One thing DID change though… 
I don’t carry that little piece of cloth around anymore!

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