Once upon a time…

…there was this girl.


and she studied Arts at the school for Art Teachers….

This is not a fairytale – if you read my post about “Lord of the Rings” (03-13)
you knew already that the girl is me (in 1988/1989 – still young and pretty.)
I asked you if you’d like to see pictures of my former work and the objects at my graduation exhibition and you answered you’d like that so I searched for my logbook and photo’s.

The photo’s of the objects at the graduation-exhibition are of bad quality (we took slides/transparencies at that time, the photo’s are made out of that) but you’ll get the idea of the artwork I made back then. 

This was my (self made) 
big, BIG log book
(12 X 15 inch!)








I trained myself in writing “Dwarfish”…
(With help of Tolkien’s books about the languages he created,
I converted the alphabeth into a
so actually this is plain Dutch but noted down in “dwarf-font” )
I still can do this,
after a bit of rehearsing…!!!
It makes a nice secret code letter don’t you think? (wanna hire me as a spy?) 


Little sketch for work referring to King Théoden
(character from the book)




…and one of the works that came
out of that sketch.

NOTICE the date: May 1988
See how long I’ve been scrapping already!






Little drawing:
“Fall of Barad-dûr”
(the tower Sauron was residing)





Little drawing:
“Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee
on their way to Mordor.”





Sketch for an object made out of steel (spiral) and paper (dish).









Following photo’s were taken at my graduation exhibition – January 1989

Steel spiral, Eggshell filled with dry roses in the middle (symbolic for life is fragile, even though you try to protect it with barriers…. I meant something like this I think but it’s a long time ago so don’t pin me down on this explanation!)






Object of painted heavy metal and painted feathers… referring to Nazgûl





Fragile object. Paper with Dwarf Signs and twigs tied together.




balancing twig on fork-shaped twig.









When I flipped through the pages of that log book, I noticed you can still recognise the style in my current scrap lay outs… the colours, the mystical
and symbolic references…
Never thought that much about “my style” – I just use whatever I think fits
the subject and photo – but I guess I have my own style after all!

I liked looking back at this work; had not done that for years!
Hope you liked it too…

And than there is this: the Scrap-a-Licious Weekend is about to begin!!!!!!!! Only 4 days to go… I’ve already received mail from a lady who will be there too on Sunday (Hey there Petra!) and of course I’ll meet this teachers:

Corinne Delis
Birgit Koopsen
Dina Wakley
Martha Bonneau 

I’m getting more curious and exited every day!
But I’ll also try to put some scrapping time in and show you a lay out
before Sunday, so see you all! Je t’embrasse!

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4 Responses to “Once upon a time…”

  • jessica Says:

    oh that is so interesting Marit! thanks so much for sharing all of your art..and love that pic of you! i love it all!

  • Revlie Says:

    awesome pictures than, you were always a scrapbooker!! and sorry to miss you at SAL, but we’ll meet one day 😀

  • helen salthouse Says:

    Yes, I can just imagine you engrossed in the Nazgul sculpture…this is fascinating, I hope you’re scrapping it all. Made me smile seeing the scrapping coming through – my daughter loves art and her school book is full of collages, chipboard titles etc! Also, my son is just coming to the end of his art BTec, and he keeps nicking my stuff too! He had the rest of that collage thing I did that I made the flowers out of, and a frame that I downloaded and printed out…next time someone moans about my scrapping I’ll point this out. (Thanks for your comment too, I’m going to blog the candy thing today!)

  • Denise Says:

    Wow!!! Love seeing your artwork! You are right when you say you can see your style peeking through, isn’t that cool how that happens!!! Your pics are beautiful and so is that young lady in the first one!!! Have a great weekend!