That’s what friends are for

Fun challenge over at Scrapping Out Loud! 

“Song Title/Lyrics Challenge: Our challenge for this week is to use a line
or phrase from the song “That’s What Friends Are For” by Dionne Warwick anywhere on your layout… (click on the title for the complete lyrics)”

I used the same lyrics before when I made a CD and little book to go with it for my dear friend Lena, but hey, that was not a real “scrap” (you can take a look at that mini book here) so why not do it again?!

Oh dear, oh dear, sorry Lena….
I had help from Helen (thanks!)
finding the words in English to describe the way we look on this picture…
(made around 1979)
But hey, we WERE NOT strait laced (were whe though, Lena?) we WERE NOT prim (Uuuhhhm, for sure? Well, deep down inside we weren’t…)

we WERE NOT prudish (Oh, maybe a little bit….) but we sure LOOK that way in this pic! And yes, you are allowed to laugh about the big glasses but that was the trend back then! And yes, the hair is very neat and that little white blouse I wear is too decent… but still, it is such a sweet photo… I used it anyway!

Lena is my heart-friend from childhood (and still is!) We got together through her sister (who was in my class) and our shared love for the Bay City Rollers (wrote a post about that once) So, after a little math, I can say we are heart friends for about 33 years now! That’s special! 

I used Sassafras background paper (the prize/kit I won over at ScrapMojo in January)
The scalloped paper rim is from the same Sassafras paper, I completed the frame with embroidery.




Stitched these cards
(using foam dots 
underneath to create layers)






Some left over embroidery flowers. Remember them from my “Wonderland” lay out?

Now that I’ve mentioned that lay out, should I tell you I made it especially for the ScrapMojo DT call?

Well, what the heck, I tell you now! At first, I wanted it to be a secret that I applied (insecure me, afraid of what you all might say: “Hmmm, just started bloggin’ and already star like airs… you’re not THAT good…”) but your comments to that LO where overwhelming positive

(even without you knowing that it was made with that purpose) 
Because today is closing-day for the DT call I start getting a bit nervous,
and I really could do with some support….
I don’t know when they will announce the winners but I start checking my mailbox ten times a day from now on!
Please, keep your fingers crossed for me!

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