Sneak peek

I made a little something for Lou and Helen (see this post)
I like both “things” equally although there are a lot of differences.
And some things in common.
(As the ladies themselves, I presume)

I visited their blogs several times, and tried to participate on what I saw
(and think they like)

Now that I’ve finished crafting, I’ll pack all the stuff, bring it to the post office and send it of to you ladies, so keep looking for the postman next week!

But of course I made pictures first, so let’s make you curious….


 Sneak peek for LOU











 Sneak peek for HELEN









Have a great/creative weekend you all and see you soon!
Je t’embrasse!

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3 Responses to “Sneak peek”

  • judean Says:

    Love your Son(g) book! the b&w photos, and the color scheme you chose–such a wonderful gift! Your “That’s What Friends are For” layout is also fabulous–love the stitching! Thanks for playing over at The Creative Type!!

  • Lou Collins Says:

    Ohhh, i’m intrigued! I have started yours and Amy’s but so rushed off my feet lately I just can’t find the time to finish them!!
    I did the same as you, scouring the blogs for the right things to send! Thanks for all your effort, I can’t wait for the post now!
    Lou XX

  • helen salthouse Says:

    Oh shame on me, I still haven’t started! But you read my blog so you know how my weekend was and the week between that weekend and this one has been no less hectic! I was devastated the other day when I realised I’d got my dates wrong and the holiday is another week away! So bear with me and I will get my backside into gear…xxx