The morning paper,
coffee & cigarettes.

As you may (or may not) know, I’m my own boss. I run a small company together with my love (see our website) It’s just the two of us, and since
we have our office right at home I can schedule my week anyway I like.
Since crisis struck, there’s not always enough work for the both of us
(anyone need a new bloglook/website? Mail me!) so most of the time my beloved manages the office on his own and I keep myself busy around the house. Housekeeping, laundry, shopping, cooking… and it leaves me a lot of time to create!
When Scrapping out Loud came with their last challenge I didn’t know what to make of it… 

For this week we challenge you to Scrap a page about your favorite day of the week and tell us why it is your favorite day, or what makes it your favorite day.”

Because I can do whatever I like on any day of the week, I don’t have much of a favorite day. I DO have some returning rituals though, so I brainstormed about that a bit and look what I came up with!

(Warning!!! Lots of pictures ahead!)


I made a mini book!!! And guess what? It turned out so beautiful that it’s my all time favorite!
I’m so happy with how it looks! I used a text stamp and distress ink (both bought in Veghel two weeks ago) and I couldn’t stop smiling while creating this! Sometimes, everything goes just the way you want it!
(I even ended up concluding I do have a favorite day of the week after all! Keep reading….)





The back of my book.
(Always take care of the back – since I was at the doctor in February with a lump on my bum, I know!)







This picture is taken from the side. I LOVE how it looks from the side…




…just can’t get enough of it!





The basic exists of folded chipboard.
I covered that with 
squared paper from an old exercise book I found in Nout’s room… (Ssst!) which I attacked with my distress ink and my coffee cup (stamped the circles with it, looks like real coffee huh?!)


Journaling is in English but I’ll type it anyway, in case you can’t read my handwriting. 

“OMG! Monday already?! Take it easy girl, start with the morning paper
(skip the sport pages!) coffee & cigarettes. Ready to start the week then? Mwaaah – sort of. Drag myself to the store (groceries), do the laundry
and maybe publish the latest lay out – I made in the weekend before –
on my weblog” 

“OK, second day of the week. I’m getting a hang of it. Morning paper, coffee & cigarettes got me going. Is there any work to do for the company? If not, I can go to the market and buy me some ribbon, lace & buttons. SOL-challenge is coming up and I got my Mojo runnin’.”

The working week is half on it’s way and while I take a look at the paper, sip my coffee and administer myself some nicotine, ideas for a new lay out float through my brain. I do some housekeeping, waiting for the one idea that comes floating to the surface. Tonight, Nout will come to stay with us! A lot of talking, laughing and hugging!”

“The alarmclock wakes me at 7 a.m. I make breakfast while Nout takes a quick look at the paper. We talk. I sip my coffee & smoke my first cigarette.
At 8.10 a.m. he’s of to school and the paper’s all mine. After that, I go play!
By now, I’ve decided on a new lay out. Marius works, and I bury our dinner table under a huge pile of paper, chipboard, ribbon & alphabets. Thursdays
are fun!”

“Yesterday morning repeated… Early rising – breakfast – coffee – cigarettes
& finally the paper. Depending on the amount of work, I spend the day behind my computer working, bloggin’ or playing with my scrapgoodies. Create!
I usually do the weekend shopping on Friday too, it’s less crowded. When Nout gets home the three of us start the weekend with a nice dinner and we spend the rest of the evening together in front of the t.v. Easygoing.”

“Yesss, weekend! We sleep in long, knowing there’s a thick weekend paper waiting for us on the doormat. We have a late breakfast in our pyjamas, read our favorite part of the paper & together we puzzle over the crossword.
Nout either goes to his dad or spends his time behind his computer,
and Marius and I? We do whatever we like!” 

“I’m usually the first one downstairs on Sundays. I like the peaceful, quite morning with early sunrise coming though the curtains. No paper today, but I listen to music while I drink my morning coffee and enjoy my first cigarette.
I write a letter or glance through a magazine while the day is still open to be filled. I like Sunday the most!” 

“Coffee cup stamp”





Tape to hold
the photo’s.
(Not really though,
I glued the pics but the tape gives it something extra…)




My conclusion.
So I HAVE a favorite day. 
I like Sunday
the most!





I usually store my projects right after finishing. My lay outs go in my albums, and I keep my mini books in a glass case upstairs. (That’s also to protect them from all the nicotine of course.. hehe!) But this little Jewel, hold together with
a binding rope (like a stack of newspapers) shows of on our sideboard in the livingroom! Yes, I’m proud of it! Hope you all like it too. Let me know!

Oh and by the way, I joined the SIStv community this weekend. As of today I’m a “little sis” (not for long, I’m steadily growing) When you click on the link in the sidebar of this blog, you’ll end up at my profile page over at SIStv so if you’re a SISter too, visit me there! I’d like that!

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12 Responses to “The morning paper,
coffee & cigarettes.”

  • Melissa F Says:

    Wow, you just keep getting more and more amazing! This is just breathtaking…amazing, wonderful and all of the above…

    Also, what did you THINK my news was? LOL

  • Fauve Says:

    What a gorgeous mini!!I love the vintage,shabby look of it!

    I would totally hire you to make my blog look good.If i only had the money…LOL

    good to see you at SIS!

  • pat Says:

    This is truly amazing!!!! I love everything about this.

  • dani Says:

    This is awesome – what a great way to document a week! gorgeous work.

    And I understand what you mean, before I got my part time job, I did school online so I was able to schedule my time however I wanted – I didn’t have a favorite day of the week!

  • Birgit Koopsen Says:

    Marit, ik vind dit helemaal geweldig! Super mini!! eneh…. je moet even een kijkje nemen op het Buzz Blog…. verrassing 🙂

  • Nathalie Says:

    Such a wonderful and amazing book- Love it!

  • Denise Says:

    Marit, this is absolutely Fabulous!!! I love love love it!! I love all the pics and all the details you told us,,,love to read that stuff you are very funny!!! I used to enjoy coffee and cigs but no more smoking for me….I quit 5 years ago now! I still love my coffee could never quit that!!! Thanks for playing along!!

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    Hi Marit! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words! I am loving your blog too – your work inspires me! Have a great week!

  • Lou Collins Says:

    Hi Marit, I recieved your ‘gift’ yesterday…thank you. You put so much time and effort into it all, will be posting pics on my blog soon. I love it, makes my gift look teeny weeny! Oh, and it has been posted now so hopefully you will get it soon. My daughter especially likes the album of Holland, she keeps opening it, closing it, opening it…..
    Lou XX

  • iris Says:

    Hoi Marit, ben ik weer! Wat een super gaaf album zeg! WOW terecht dat je dat niet meteen opbergt! Erg mooi gemaakt. Enne ik zal je eens op gaan zoeken op SIStv!

  • Ricky Says:

    Is het niet eens tijd om te stoppen met roken zusje? Doen we het samen, lol, rust is onze kracht, of samen staan we sterk, of zoiets, haha.
    Kus, je broer

  • Annemarie (mommyvictory) Says:

    Very funny Marit. If I were a coffee drinker and smoker, that is what my summer days would look like since I teach school I am off in the summer usually. Super take on the prompt.