Small talk

Helen and Lou received my gift this week. Of course I took photo’s of what I made before shipping it and because Helen published some pics on her blog today, I can show it to you too! I made her this little book.


(More pics of this are here in my gallery.)
A few weeks ago, I published a tutorial on how to make such a book.
You’ll find that overhere.








Where do you find your inspiration?
I find it all around me! Even commercials can inspire me sometimes!
But let me tell/show you where my latest inspiration came from…

Right now I’m working on a lay out inspired by two challenge sites.
First there’s Scrapping out LOUD! with a challenge about using three different patterned papers (that’s easy!)

and I combined that with the song Scrapping the Music came up with. 
(“Dream On” – Aero Smith) I don’t like Aero Smith AT ALL, but there was a sentence in the lyrics that perfectly matched with the photo I wanted to use.

And then there is this small piece of paper. I think it’s Sassafras, but I’m not sure 
’cause it came in a Scrap-a-Licious Workshop kit and it shows no brand name.

Anyway, I’m not using this paper on my LO, but it inspires me together with… 




… this LO, made by Ronda Palazzari

Ronda is a scrap MASTER! I’m totally in love with her work, and she keeps amazing me! 
I was in oooohh and aaaahh over
her latest project
(a minibook) but I’m like that most
of the time while looking at her work.
I LOVE Ronda!  

This LO is made
by Revlie, a Dutch scrapper.
The words ‘READY’ in this page are all handstitched so guess what I did on my latest lay out? Thanks Revlie!
It took me a lot of time but I stitched a complete sentence (Yep, the “Aero Smith one”) on my LO yesterday!



I need another day to finish my lay out, but you’ll see it coming soon.


Last week I got a comment from Birgit Koopsen, telling me I won
this stamps on the Buzz blog. Yessssss!!!
I just LOVE to win something! Anything! Don’t you?

These stamps are coming
my way now!!! See that little bug?
What’s his name….
we call that “Our-Sweet-Lord-Bug” over in Holland, so it’s appropriate to use this stamp at Easter!
Lets hope I’ll find it in the mail before then.



OK, enough with the small talk. Off to do some serious work.
With all the hand stitching done, I’ll move on playing with the patterned paper. Results to be shown soon, so see you. Je t’embrasse!

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