Happy birthday sweetie!!!

Today is my best friend’s birthday – and she’s a true follower of my blog too
so here it comes just for you Lena…

I sent her a lot of good wishes in this little book I made last week 
(I scraplifted my own “morning paper” book)

I have another yummie present laying waiting for her.
She will visit me soon and I will give her the present then. Rather than putting the money into stamps, I’ll buy us a fine bottle of wine instead which we will drink together… 

She’s very creative, and I guess we will spend the days scrapping, painting, playing with paper, talking, drinking, eating, giggling…. the usual girls stuff.
I’m soooo looking forward to it!

She likes to scrap too, but she’s more of a painter.
She makes the most marvellous paintings and I’d like to show you one …



(Actually, it’s three paintings but they belong together…)

She painted our
hero’s from teenage years, The Bay City Rollers.



Lena has no blog or site, but today my blog is a bit “Lena’s world” too,
so you can leave her a comment over here if you like…


And what am I up too…

Well, last week I got inspired with all the Art Journals I saw around me on various blogs.  

These are two of them, the top page is from an art journal Michelle is creating, and the page with the deers comes from Anniek.

I decided to add my “I want something with the songs of Leonard Cohen” plan to my “falling in love for art journals” feeling and just started from there. I had that old book with linen cover, and I destroyed it. Took all the pages out, glued them together a bit, painted gesso over it and my “basic” is waiting to be filled with… whatever my mind makes up listening to Leonard Cohen.

I also put “ecoline” (kind of ink) into spray bottles and tried that out. I liked the effect, so spraying ink will be the first thing to do! (a bit like Anniek did with those deers on her page)


I will be spraying ink and using water and dripping paint all around, but I won’t do that inside the house, no…

Spring has finally arrived in the Netherlands – look at that tree in front of our house – so the messy proceedings can be done outside!





I only have to be careful not to disturb the little fellows
that came
out of this…

in our
back yard.



Friday afternoon already, I have some “me” time left which I will spend blogsurfing, editing pics (some marvelous photo’s my son took last week!)
and maybe, just maybe I’ll start spraying my ink around!
I’ll show you the results soon!
See you then, and oh, don’t forget to leave Lena some love in a comment 
(after all, it is her birthday!!!)

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8 Responses to “Happy birthday sweetie!!!”

  • Cathy Says:

    Happy Birthday to your friend!!!

  • Nout Says:

    I wish you all the best for your birthday, Lena!
    Peace & Love,

  • jessica Says:

    Happy Birthday Lena!

    Beautiful stuff on your blog today..that tree and pics of the nest of eggs…so beautiful Marit…

    but you know my favorite thing today are those Bay City Rollers paintings…eeekkkkkk love love it!

    have a great day Marit…and Lena!!

  • Bree Says:

    Wow girl.. those are some beautiful paintings your girlfriend made… DIVINE….
    I cant wait to see your art journal.. get spraying.. Im excited!

  • Lena Says:

    Wow, that’s what I call a birthday surprise!! My paintings on your blog…

    Thanks everyone for the best birthdaywishes and Jessica; I love your comment about the Rollers! It almost makes me blush…

    Thanks again Marit, it made my day!!

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    Happy Birthday Lena – Love your painting! I used to love the Bay City Rollers too! S-A-TUR-DAY NITE! Anyhoo – thanks for showing my art journal page Marit – I am honored that you like it! Have a great weekend!

  • Anniek Says:

    Love the little book you made for your friend! It’s cool to see one of my art journal pages on somebody elses blog! I’m sure you’re gonna love the art journaling too, just like me!!
    Lovely tree and nest with eggs! I have 2 great titmouses (koolmezen) nesting in a bird house in my back yard.

  • Maria Says:

    Hi Marit your little album looks wonderful your friend will just love it, can’t wait to see what you do with your spray inks…
    Wow your friend Lena’s paintings are amazing she should do a blog…..
    Thankyou for sharing your pictures that tree looks gorgeous in bloom and those bluebird eggs wow how lucky to see those….
    Was here to have a look at your scrapping out loud layout so better see if I can find it….