Don’t frame me in…

M: “Hey, that’s a nice lay out you’re makin’…”

Me: “Oh, but that’s not finished yet.
I’m just cutting squares to glue them in a grid.”

M: “Why in a grid? It looks great this way.”

Me: “Yeah, now that you mention it…
but uhhmmm, the challenge at “Scrapping out Loud” was:
“This week we want you to get out those rulers and get measuring,
because we want to see you use the grid technique to create a LO!”

M: “But you’re measuring already, and you ARE using a grid, aren’t you.
You just glue them outside the grid, they didn’t say it had to be all square,
did they?”

Me: “No………”

M: “Well then, look at it!
But it’s your lay out after all…. you don’t have to listen to me.”


I looked at it.
I thought about it.
And I did it!
I glued the squares just as it lay there, random.


Think outside the box…

You can still see part of the grid
(10 x 10 squares)
in the background.
The cut squares
are 3 x 3 cm. 
The picture is
12 x 12 cm
so I cut 84 little squares to fill the background grid 
(I truly did – wanna count?)

But hey, it turned out like this…
don’t frame me in! 


I cut different patterned papers (left overs) into squares, and I used foamdots to give it dimension.





I puzzled over
the title.
I choose this one, but it could have been “don’t frame me in” as well…
I’m still not sure which one I like
the most!



Friday morning and the sun is shining again.
Yesterday, I spend  in the garden getting a tan and reading
“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.
Finished it too (reading the introduction and short biography in English took me more time than the story itself…) and ideas for lay outs are rushing through my brain! Maybe this weekend I start reading “Through the Looking Glass”
as well, but I want to refresh my memory about the game of chess first before
I start on that. Once, someone taught me how to play chess, but that’s a long time ago and I don’t even remember the moves of the different chess-pieces anymore. In my opinion, to understand the story I have to know at least that! (Yep, I’m more of “studying” the story. Always the serious approach – that’s me…)

And for all you sweeties who are following the “family troubles”,
a little update about Lisa:
The surgery on her elbow went well. She’s still on artificial respiration though… They took the tubes out at first, but it turned out that she cannot breath on her own yet because of the swelling and damage in her throat. She will be kept asleep/in coma all through the weekend now, to give her throat the opportunity to heal. They may try again after the weekend.

And that weekend is beginning to start now! I don’t have plans yet…
Maybe read, maybe scrap… but you’ll hear from me again next week.
Have a wonderful weekend! Je t’embrasse!

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7 Responses to “Don’t frame me in…”

  • Melissa F Says:

    This is awesome Marit and I love the title. You really did think outside the box and I love every detail!

    Awww, poor lisa…I hope she recovers quickly.

  • Denise Cousins Says:

    Brilliant layout!!!! You amaze me chickie!!!

    I’m so inspired!!!

    Glad to hear her operation went well, I hope she gets better soon, I’ll be driving thru that city today on my way to my mum’s I’ll say a prayer as I’m by there!!



  • jessica Says:

    Marit…so glad to hear the surgery went well…I hope her throat can heal a bit so she can start breathing on her own..I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

    Now that is a fabulous layout…beautiful pic, great papers, love the out of the box title..just wonderful!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  • Lydia Says:

    SPECTACULAR! Love your take on the SOL challenge this week!

  • gudrun Says:

    WOW! Your Layout outside the box is totally awesome!!

  • Lisa T. Says:

    I have to say that I’m glad you listedn to ‘M’ because this looks amazing the way it is!!!

  • helen salthouse Says:

    Hi Marit, this is gorgeous! You shook it up, which is always a good thing to do..Still thinking of your niece, hope things are better by next week x