Queens Day

Why should I try to explain to you what Queens Day in the Netherlands is all about, when sombody else (Shannon McAllister) can do that a lot better! So I copied the following text for you all from the site “goamsterdam.about.com”

“On April 30, the Dutch celebrate Koninginnedag (“Queen’s Day”), a national holiday to commemorate the birthday of the country’s (former) Queen. It is by far the most widely celebrated holiday in the Netherlands. Amsterdam festivities in particular rival those of Mardi Gras in New Orleans or New Year’s Eve in New York City. As such, Amsterdam is packed to the gills on April 30, welcoming up to two million party-going visitors.

Every year Queen Beatrix visits one or two Dutch towns to greet her country’s people and visitors, who receive her with fitting celebrations. What began as a commemoration of the Dutch Royal Family has evolved into a nationwide day of creative, carefree springtime revelry.

Orange cake…. yummy???

The first time I saw the Dutch national soccer team playing in the World Cup, I wondered — as many people do — “What’s the deal with all the fans wearing orange?” The colors of the Dutch flag are red, white and blue — there’s no orange at all. So what’s the Netherlands’ relationship (make that borderline obsession) with the color orange?

Alot of people dress in orange on Queens Day

The answer: Orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family. The lineage of the current dynasty — the House of Oranje-Nassau — dates back to Willem van Oranje (William of Orange). But while the color orange has royal roots in the Netherlands, today it symbolizes a broader pride in the country and in being Dutch.”

‘Till so far the explanation….

This is a story from a long time ago…  Queens Day in Holland 1968. I was 4 years old and couldn’t yet read but I had seen people demonstrate on TV, carrying banners. I new it was a way to express yourself, and that others could read what you want to say that way (that’s how my parents explained)

I soooo wanted to participate in the fun on Queens Day, I wanted the whole village (population: 800 citizens) to know that I loved this day and so I made myself a banner. Two sticks with a large piece of paper in between, and I asked my dad to put “Long live the Queen” on that.

And then I went outside. I walked proudly across the street, where I met my grandma – and I didn’t understand why she got so mad….. until she explained she wasn’t mad at me but at my dad for what he had put on my banner.

Here’s what my dad wrote…

(This is a page from a mini book I made for my dad,
you can see all of it here)

Although I don’t really mind living in a monarchy, I’m not a “Royal Family Lover” either… and I certainly don’t wear orange on Queens Day. In fact, I don’t have any orange clothes except for my orange boots (sooooo cool!) but I don’t wear them on
April 30th. No.

Anyway, hope you Dutchies all had a nice day. I bought me a lot of vintage stuff on the “vrijmarkt” (one big flee market) and I’ll
be back tomorrow to show you some!
Je t’embrasse.

Edited: I just heard this news….

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3 Responses to “Queens Day”

  • Danielle Hayes Says:

    Hi Marit!!!
    Thanks for the lovely message! You are a faithful friend, for sure. I just read about your neice. OMG!!!! How can she fully recover with a broken neck and back? i am thinking of you and your family now.
    Happy Queensday!! Go orange!! LOL! LOL!

  • Denise Cousins Says:

    Great Info….love to learn new stuff~~~I”m so not in touch with other countries…that is a shame, Thanks Friend! have a great weekend!

  • Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    Hi Marit! Now I see what you mean about all the orange! LOL. I’m so sorry to hear about the tragic day – that is horrible – my prayers go out to the families! xo