And look where it brought me… I “met” a lot of lovely scrapbookers from all over the world, it brought me tons of inspiration, I got nice feedback and sweet words from all of you, it got me in a Design Team and I have some true followers who read my blog and inspire me to keep on going –
I wanna thank you all!!!
So ladies, keep on visiting me and 6 months from now I will offer you all some nice goodies; the one-year-online-date will not go by unnoticed, I promise!

Because I had a party going on here since Friday (see former post) and a lot to organize and re-organize, I forgot to show you some lay outs – tell you things etc. etc. This post is to catch up with all that so beware… this will be a chaotic post with lots of random stuff and some lovely pics!!!


I made this lay out for a challenge over at Scrapping out LOUD!
This was their challenge: “This week we want you to work outside your comfort zone and create a LO using a colour you NEVER use!”


I hardly ever use bright colours,
the rainbow ones
all put together
hurt my eyes….
but with this pics
of me and Lena
and the lollipops,
it certainly works great!
It never will be my favourite lay out but it’s a funny one…



I coloured the border with water paint, letting the colours melt into each other.
(Like I did with the title – I made that on the computer)
Felt embellishments in bright colours!



Sassafras paper
for the frame.
(The yellow paper with white dots behind the pics is also Sassafras)





And, after a week which was filled with visiting scrapbook stores, testing my new stuff (spray ink… YEAH!) celebrating my DT spot and other kinds of excitement going on (like weeding the garden, doing the laundry – vacuuming the house – after all, the show must go on) I totally forgot to tell you that I also

So what a week! I must have been one of the best in a loooooong time!

By the way: there’s a DT call going on over at Scrapping out LOUD! 
SOL posts a weekly challenge also providing a “Word of the Week” and a “Sketch of the Week” and some very nice ladies are running the blog, so if I were you, I’d go and check it out! I wanted to apply, but now that I am on the Lotus Paperie team I decided not to apply anywhere else… 
I’m a slow scrapper, and I don’t wanna commit myself to do too much in one week… I’m very critical and I know when I make a lay out in a hurry, because there’s a deadline, it never fits my standarts. I just need time to put it away, and look at it/work on it again the next day. I also like to have time left to play
“just for myself” or participate in other challenges or Swaps sometime. 
Maybe in time, when I am more familiar with participating in a design team
and know how much time it takes, I might go for a second DTcall,
but not right now…

So all of you who want to design for a challenge blog:
go and check out Scrapping out LOUD! and give it a try –
you won’t find me standing in your way 😉


And on to yesterday: Mothers Day!
My son was with his dad last weekend, but I celebrated in my own way by creating this for MY MOTHER!!! (and having a lot of fun myself by doing so!)
I sure hope mum’s got it in the mail by now – or doesn’t read this blog before she’s got it, ’cause I’m going to publish the pics into this post now:

(Mum, if you haven’t got it yet and want to wait ’till it gets in the mail,
don’t look any further than this cover!!!)

This is the cover of the little folded card/mini book
I made her.
It’s hold together
by a velvet ribbon
(with a little magnet).






The ribbon covers a word so the title reads: I ..(ribbon).. FROM YOU
(In Dutch it’s nicer, ’cause it says something like “I ..(ribbon).. YOU TOO” – some language tricks just can’t be translated properly…


Without the ribbon, 
the real title exposed:






The background paper is from an
old dictionary.
I marked the word






…and “Daughter”










(I learned
from you…)

“To look for
four leaf clovers”

“To build castles 
on the beach and
in the sky” 



“To listen
to the waves”








“To keep believing
in fairy tales”

“To write my
own story”



“To pick flowers”

“To trust myself”

“I love you, mama!”




See all that spray ink?!! Oooohhhh, it’s my favourite at the moment!
Dina Wakley sure got me hooked on that stuff! Thanks Dina… I love it!

(And I used my sewing machine again of course, I couldn’t resist sewing
those silhouettes…)

And now I’m off to do some important things like grocery shopping (very important ’cause when my men don’t get dinner tonight, they go all moody and I can’t create anything when people around me are grumpy) so it’s for my own sake – and yours – that I start some serious housekeeping now so I can go and create some nice lay outs afterwards. Thanks for hanging in there and staying with me through this long post, Je t’embrasse!

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