My little/big brother

When I was upstairs working on my blog, behind my back spiders made their own “World-Wide-Web” in my house and they kept connected with each other through “cables” all the way from up-to downstairs… so I really had to do some housekeeping yesterday!
I Spend the whole day cleaning and mobbing, while I rather would go sit down and scrap… The new word #39 is up for more than a week now at “One Little Word” (OLW) and due date is tomorrow!!! The word is LISTEN and I had some great ideas for that, so today I’m going to take all my paper and scrapstuff and create the old fashion way again!!! Don’t know if I can finish this project on time to send it to OLW but that’s okay, ’cause the fun is all mine, and besides that, I can put it on this blog when finished!

Thanks for giving comments on my first post everyone! I was especially happy with a message from my brother all the way from Chicago!! Yeah, my little brother is far, far away. In 2005 he moved with his wife, daughter and son to Canada where he works as a trucker ever since. He drives up and down Canada and the USA in a big truck… my little brother! He send me a picture of that truck once which I used in “song for my brother” (Take a look under Digital layouts and if you live in Canada or the USA, wave at him if he drives by!!!) Can’t believe he manages it to keep such a big machine on the road, but he does. My little brother isn’t that little anymore… A few months after his emigration I made the following spread of us.  

“Brother and sister”

Journaling on this spread:
“On October 13th 1965, Ricky was born. Small, sweet, adorable, difficult, annoying, funny, egoistic, brave, sturdy, nice, emotional & irritating but,
most of all: forever MY little brother!”

And now, LISTEN, I’m off to play!!! Keep looking at my blog, and you might see my last project under “most recent” if it’s finished!

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2 Responses to “My little/big brother”

  • Ricky Says:

    Hi Sis,

    Didn’t I told you that I changed bosses??
    Now everybody is waving to a nice truckdriver, and that poor guy hasn’t any idea why the people are so friendly for him!! Haha
    Kisses, on my way to Memphis, and no, I’m not gonna say hello to Elvis!!


  • Melissa Says:

    Awww, great post Marit! 🙂

    Yes, siblings is brothers and sisters! 🙂