He’s my man!

May I introduce you to

It must have been 1996, when this man gave me the album “I’m your man” by Leonard Cohen. He wasn’t quite “my man” then but he for saw that one day he would be, and he
was right. Since 1998 we are together. And by “together”
I mean all day and all night
long. We own a small company together, work together, sleep, eat, laugh, argue and experience life together.
Every hour of the day…

Most women love to have time for themselves, when their husband goes to work, but I am perfectly happy being together with him all the time!

So when my son made this photo of him, a few weeks ago, I knew immediately this was the pic I was going to use with the song “I’m Your Man” in my Leonard Cohen Art Journal.

The journaling contains the first part of the song “I’m Your Man
(Leonard Cohen)

The way of
journaling is
inspired by
her blog is called
Inspiration Everywhere“,
Pay her a visit – she’s amazing and
she uses this kind
of journaling a lot
in her Art Journal. She sure
inspires ME!

In the
I used the
paper again
(Like I did in my
Mothers Day
mini album –
see former post)

I’m so glad I bought those two old dictionaries on a flee market! (One Dutch, and one Dutch-English) The paper is a bit greasy, which makes my spray ink sparkle! The colours become very intense on this paper and there’s a lot of pages left in the books… so you probably will see more of this technique coming in the next Months!

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